Comments from India

I was reading at a blog that I found via a link at Free Canuckistan! blog (, a fellow’s concerns about females in societies which are seeing lots of Muslim immigration. He has been according to his background info, studying the Qu’ran, Hadiths, etc for 8 yr. , as well as noting the trends being reported (but not nearly enough nor with enough explicit details as to the culpable parties)in the Main Stream Media. His perspective was interesting to me because he is a Hindu, not a Christian, nor atheist, nor socialist (of whatever stripe), nor politician. To me this meant his perspective would be of interest, because it would be coming from a person brought up in a different culture than my own. Suffice it to say, everyone should read the entry at
even if just to be made aware of some things they may not be aware of at present. Another Indian fellow is making a case for a different US strategy vs Taliban and has a vid with their latest threats.