On Priorities For Relationships

Whether I am on vacation or at home, I try not to undertake anything with the goal of meeting men. That is not to say that my mind never goes in that direction, but I am intentional about looking at my motives. I try to be sure that I am doing things for the right reasons and […]

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A very thoughtful post on a topic that can be quite controversial. I think this achieves a good balanced outlook though, thus I am reblogging it.


What’s Fair?

Life is not fair, and to quote a favorite Oscar Wilde character, “It’s a good thing for most of us that it isn’t.” Yet, there are many who desire to impose their own sense of fairness on the world. As Christians, we should understand better than everyone else that fairness is overrated. After all, grace […]

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This was a good post addressing the subject of fairness, how we tend to view it, what the scriptures have to say about it, and in general just giving a very good perspective on this topic.

Night Shadows Discussion

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT Have We Reached the Pivot Point and Israel’s Time Of Trouble? http://tobtr.com/10451705 The Middle East is in turmoil ad riots break out because of Trump recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, something Lord has known all along – but it does show how Israel is hated […]

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In his preamble to this post, Stew mentions “all the hallmarks of a particle beam”. I’d not even considered nor thought of that until I read his statement. I guess short of someone confessing, there’s no proof that this is the case but it does give us cause to pause and reflect about the possiblity. We know from the Georgia Guidestones of elite what their agenda is – and it’s not for the benefit of the people of the world.

When Stupidity Equates To Valour For Some People


This looks like an eyeball about to explode so seeing as it’s the closest thing I could find to the subject I added it in. There’s times when we as people. let stupidity equate to valour in our actions. Sometimes the consequences aren’t pleasant to say the least.

Here’s a prime example: Reaper takes its toll

and just for good measure another: 3 reaper toll

Now, I’ll relate a somewhat humorous incident recently in my life (funny now in retrospect, not that funny then). I have a penchant for good Mexican style food and have tried  almost every such restaurant in this city. Recently I went to one nearby that I patronise when home because it’s inexpensive fresh made daily, and has a good variety on the menu. So I ordered a large burrtio, chicken, and because it was a new employee doing the prep, I told her exactly how I liked it. No cilantro, but pico de gallo was OK, (onions /tomatoes, green peppers mix), rice, black beans, cheese. salsa, sour cream, jalapenos, and 3 lines of hot sauce (usually habanero) along with the chicken, and grilled.  I asked if it was habanero but never got the answer as the owner was busy cooking. When I got home, I bit into a large bite, and as I started to chew, I though Vesuvius had erupted in my mouth, and my eyes began to water. I knew from past experience (wherein I’d only had a small amount at a time), that this was not 3 lines of habanero, IT WAS 3 LINES OF CAROLINA REAPER! The hottest pepper in the world – over 2 million Scoville heat units (jalapenos by comparison are between 15000 and 40000).  As I swallowed it felt like lava going down my esophagus, into my stomach. I promptly went to the fridge, got some cold bottles of water, and some slices of 20 grain multigrain bread. The only way I could finish the burrito, was by eating the dry bread to soak up the pepper’s oil, and washing everything down with cold water. Stiill after about an hour my insides began to return to normal. I went back for a quesadilla since, and told the owner & staff about that last visit and made a point of asking what the hot sauce was before having it added LOL. They needless to say couldn’t believe I’d eaten it and appeared fine. I told them, that was an experience I didn’t want to repeat – I’ve had habanero, ghost, scorpion sauces before but applied judiciously by me, I’d had reaper with my burrito before but cut the actual pepper raw, up into small pieces and added them one at a time before a large bite. Even then they pushed the tolerance threshold. But the 3 lines on that burrito exceeded it!! If anyone had been filming my reaction eating that 3 line burrito and put it up on YouTube  I’d join those guys above in being a laughingstock.

End of Year Giving… — L.A. Marzulli’s Blog

We are a small Mom & Pop ministry. It’s just Peggy and I and a student that helps in our shipping. In March of this year I had to borrow 50k from PAYPAL to keep the ministry floating. With the onerous tax debt under Obummer most of our profit from the sale of our books […]

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The reason I’m reblogging L A post is because I believe all who can should help him out. I know he’s been, along with the likes of Steve Quayle, Dr. Tom Horn, Tim Alberino, Cris Putnam (the late), and others such as Dr. Stan Monteith, Dr. Stan Deyo, Dr. Chuck Missler; a real pioneer for decades in a field of inquiry (fields actually) that was regarded as fringe, only for the seriously mentally messed up, definitely not then (and mostly still not), acceptable to mainstream Christianity and begrudgingly only be a few honest souls in the secular realms. Yet, the information that is uncovered by L A and the others is startling, TRUE. challenging to preconceived mindsets, and exposing of all who are involved in the coverup of true history – the corruption involved also. If these hadn’t paved the way, (initially only L A. SQ, Tom H, and Stewart Best the lightgate blogger), 30 years ago approx., hadn’t followed the leading of the Holy Spirit to do what they’ve been doing since, we’d all be a lot poorer in our comprehension of subjects that aren’t even addressed by most churches / pastors (because as Tim Alberino said recently, THEY DON”T KNOW), and we wouldn’t have the new “breed” of Christian investigators, like Justen Faull  and his brother, Derek and Sharon Gilbert, Josh Peck,,  Dennis Lindsay, and others.  I’m not saying I always agree with all they may say or do, they’re humans after all, prone to making mistakes, but on the whole they have enriched us all. So if you can help out L A please do so in order to keep this vital ministry going. Thanks.

Dual Universe Of The Petro Yuan And Petro Dollar Has Arrived, It’s All About To Change: Jim Willie — Michael Basham’s Mother Ship

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I made a short comment / observation on the post @ Mike’s blog, that Jim Willie seems unawae that the current reality is that the NATIONS are all CORPORATIONS, and thus what’s being played out is corporate warfare – sort of like Time Warner vs Verizon for example or Pespsi vs Coke. The only difference is that I’ve told people before in other posts, seeing as we’re living in the matrix of the Revelation 18 Babylon of Commerce, the peoples have been duped into being assigned corporate PERSON / entity / artificial legal PERSON status and the NATION CORPORATIONS view them as incorporated also, not as living flesh and blood people. In other words they were co opted without their knowledge  into being made into CLASSES OF PERSONS (driver, student, mailman, teacher, lawyer, policeman, incorporated municipal inhabitant, etc.). They are therefore given “privileges” within each category thru legal statutes, codes, regulations, they’re forced to comply with under penalty, and aren’t allowed as such to exercise their full legal capacity as living people with inalienable , inherent rights, NOT given by govts.

Thus all this NATIONS/CORPORATIONS  wrangling, warring, etc is not for the people, by the people, to make life better for the people. Yet it affects their quality of life due to their subjugation and not having any “say” in the whole process, not being able to control in any way the outcome or to even operate as peoples across the world in harmony with what’s best for all the peoples.

Controversy And Confusion

Time and again, Jerusalem lies at the Epicenter of the momentous events that are shaking our world and shaping our future. This week is no exception. As a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen — and a Jewish Evangelical — and most recently as a new resident of Jerusalem where my wife and kids and I now live, […]

via With President’s historic yet controversial decision on Jerusalem, Evangelical leaders call Christians around the world to pray for the peace of Jerusalem as never before. [Here’s the statement we just released from the Alliance For The Peace of Jerusalem.] — Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog

.I agree with Joel et al. This issue has existed for thousands of years, but if the Romans hadn’t driven the Israelis from their lands, there wouldn’t be all this confusion amongst political leaders, ambassadors, church leaders, theologians, and even the peoples of Christianity. Thus I believe that Joel et al are doing the prudent and correct thing in trying to have people focus on prayer for the peace of Yerushalayim and the peoples of the middle east. One huge problem is that the Palestinians, Arabs in surrounding nations, and Iranians, etc, all would prefer a solution wherein Israel is wiped from the map and the Jews annihilated. Thus the need for prayer to YHWH ELOHIYM Who alone can overcome obstacles like this, Who can change men’s hearts, who can change the course of history.