My Journey of Emotional Healing

This is so badly needed today

Mystic Mama

Life growing up was not so easy in my house. I was an only child and had two parents that loved me, but my Mom had a daily struggle with chronic pain, mental illness, and depression which leads to a life of alcoholism and addiction to painkillers. Sometimes as often as 2-4 times in a year she was in an out of the hospital for either her depression or for her addiction desperately wanting to be free. Growing up, I became very defiant, afraid, angry, distant, depressed, and hopeless. Thanks to the prayers of my Aunt and Uncle, as a young teen I gave my heart to the Lord at a local Christian Teen Center during a Passion Play that I participated in. I was so hungry to be loved and accepted and found this in my relationship with Jesus Christ and being surrounded by people who loved me despite…

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Don’t Get Caught in the Web!

A wise warning – and very true – it can usurp the place of the scripture study and intimacy with Yeshua – we need to keep our focus rightly directed


175048-telaraa(Spoken from the spiritual dimension in 1998) by Father David

The Internet is like a magnet, and it’s got an almost hypnotic drawing power. It sucks in and draws in everything that comes close to it. It’s like a magnet that pulls those who aren’t strong in the Word or the Lord into its centre of knowledge. Even those who are strong in the Lord need to watch out, because the pull is so strong. It’s like trying to pull apart two heavy-duty magnets that are drawn to each other!

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Laying it to Rest

I pray He helps us come th the point of surrender

Ginny Brooks

Are we willing to lay it all down when Love walks in the room and Follow Him. Would we know it was Him if He did…

Laying down our opinions, comprehension, religions, thoughts, doctrines, teachings, eschatology, fruitless desires, prides, dignities, stature, race, classes, finances, careers, do goods, comforts, routines, political parties, additudes, social media, cell phones, our time:  because he says it is getting in between Him and Us. Because he is doing a heart check to see where we are with Him. Would we?!  Do we think we are too close to having it all configured, fortified, conjecturized, formulated, justified, puffed up with so much false ambition just to drive His Voice away as we stand in front of the ultimate man made alter we have built for ourselves.  Let’s Blow it up! 💣💣💣 His Word is sharper than any two-edged sword so let’s cut through the cobwebs, the…

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Creation is Groaning

A word we all need to hear, and put into practice – of course we’ll need the help of the Holy Spirit

Mystic Mama

I had an encounter and dream overnight that had to do with this title. I was walking in the woods with Jesus and we were heading down a path towards what I thought was a sunset, but as I looked closer I realized it was a liquid fire that was exploding in the sky and I realized it was coming from the earth. When I ask for understanding I heard “All Creation is Groaning in eager expectation for the Children of God to be revealed.”
After this encounter, I dreamt all night that the earth was exploding with fire. This fire was hot and caused panic around me, yet I felt this peace that as a child of God, I would not be burned. Many were panicking and running and even pressing in around me and my family, yet I was not afraid and even at one point had to…

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Antarctica Base Dream . . . and Alien Covenant Confirmed!

None of this was news to me. I’ve learned a lot as the Holy Spirit led me over the last few years. The video wherein AJ discusses Alien Covenant sums it up. Those who have done even a modicum of research know that the “Powers That Be” / Illuminati / Global Elite or whatever label you want to throw on them -there’s so many groups under the Elite PTB’s umbrella that i cut shor the list, are Luciferian /Hegelian /Platonic combined with Freemason ancient mystery religion and they’ve outline their plans for us on the Georgia Guidestones


This morning I shared a dream I had last night:

A base being built in Antarctica in the harsh cold, so we could simulate a space station somewhere on another planet.  Alex Jones was there and people were sort of just having a good time, and drinking beer.  I had hastily grabbed a bunch of jackets to pack, not really sure if it was warm enough.  People from my family seemed to be there too as there was a mixup in my dream between my house in Florida and the base.

Outisde it was sunny while they were loading people into these large tubes to endure the harsh winter, but the sunshine was strong enough you could endure the outdoor temperature.   When we were locked in there however horrible thing started to happen.

At first it was pretty fun and felt like camping out with a…

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Who was ‘Huang Di’ the Yellow Emperor? Where the Chinese came from!

I first heard of this from Ginny Brooks’ blog wherein she linked to a YT video of a Chinese pastor explaining how the ancient Chinese worshipped one god, The Most HIgh God, El Elyon, aka YAHUAH

Ancient Patriarchs


Originally posted on our former blog the Paradise Post 10 Dec 2014

what-is-mythINTRO: We apply the Euhemerist approach for historical origins — that thank God modern Chinese scholars also follow now — and so take “myths” serious as ’embellished legends’ that carry a factual believeancientsourcewpcore of true historical original characters who became super-naturally glorified via man worship & deification. We do not accept the Darwinian dogma (as Wicked Pedia uses) that the ancients purposely spun unfounded wild tales about themselves creatingfictional primo-patriarchs, especially considering the fact chiyou-hansourcethat these legendary characters are mentioned by other ethne as well. Case in point: Chi You(蚩尤) patriarch Txiv Yawg of 12 Miao (Hmong) tribes, was mentioned by Chinese as the son of Yan Di(炎帝), albeit with different spelling, and without deification, of course, depicted as an ‘enemy’ defeated by Huang Di at the Battle of Zhuolu. (proof is…

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