Been through it all

It’s always good to share who GOD brings people through the toughest times in their lives


The quivery tears came again. The type that takes you by surprise because of the context and recipient of the sharing.

My piano technician came over to tune up my piano and afterwards as we chatted, I reflected upon how my piano has stood firm with me and been my companion through all seasons of life.

Neglected for a couple of years because, well, I didn’t really take care of things too well other than Cliff and my kids, it seems… the piano sings again now and I could hear the overtones, the pureness of tone of the melody, the richness of the resonance that only a freshly tuned piano can bring. Tears came.

I felt emotional because he had pulled each waywardly loose string back into place, and it sounded magnificent. I felt like my baby, which I had ignored, had been cared for, finally. I felt and heard…

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Refined Ambitions

So much of the time in our lives we allow our own myopic vision(s) to derail us from that Father YAHUAH could accomplish in us and through us if we would just decide to “seek ye firs the kingdom of YAHUAH” as Yeshua told us. For it’s those who ask who receive, those who seek, find and those who knock have the door opened to them

Chosen Committed Complete

Ambition is not a word that I generally associate with my personality. I have never seen myself as an ambitious person, but we all have something we want to accomplish in life, whether we look upon it as ambition or not. When I was in my twenties, I wanted to get a master’s degree in creative writing. I couldn’t really afford to go back to school, but I never really tried to make it happen. It was one of many things that I wrote off by saying, “Maybe when I get married, I will. . .” I guess I wanted someone to share the risk and burden with; I wanted to have support in my endeavor. But there was something more to my putting off things I wanted for myself. In truth, I wasn’t that eager or passionate about doing them. My greatest ambition in life was to have a family, and my…

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North Korea -Are We On The Brink?

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT Kim’s Nuclear Program on High Gear, Alliances Forming For Daniel 8, Isaiah 17 & Ezekiel 38/39 It seems that two major triads are forming for the final WAR of all wars. We have America, Saudi Arabia and Israel on one side, and Russia, Turkey and Iran on […]

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At times I don’t always agree with Stewie, but for the most part I do respect his dedication to investgation of truth, and his firm stand on the place that Father YHVH and His Word have in his life.


For those who can donate to help Corey I’m reblogging this so visitors to my blog can have the required info to do so. To any believers who are made aware of this, please intercede by prayer to YAHUAH in the SPIRIT for His angels to surround Corey and family, and that someone will be sent ot plant the seed of salvation in Jesus to them, and that it will be watered so the Spirit can bring the increase.

Dealing with fragments on the mountain of the Lord

This post spoke to me because I know I have areas in my life that need to be dealt with i.e. the weeds pulled, fragments healed. Don’t we all if we’re honest? I am reminded of J Rufus Moseley writing in his book “Manifest Victory” that when he was seeking the baptism in the Holy Spirit, to advance forward in his spiritual journey, he was told by a minister that he was unorthodox (Rufus had been led by the Spirit out of belonging to any church several years prior) which was the truth because for this time the present he would still be considered unorthodox, let alone in the turn of the 20th century circa 1901. He was told he would need to become more orhtodox if he expected to receive this from God. Rufus replied (under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit) “the promise is not to the orthodox, bur rather to those who ask, seek, and knock.”. That hits me every time I reread it, with the utter simplicity yet profundity of that response. Man seeks to promote religion (the word comes from 2 Latin words re + ligare which mean to bind again, to tie up (as with ropes for example) hence to be bound. ). I’m so thankful that Yeshua by His Spirit gave Rufus that wise answer as it cuts to the heart of every issue in the walk with God. Remember? we’re told “seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you” as well as “for everyone who asks, receives; everyone -who seeks, finds; amd to those who knock the door will be opened”/

Walking with Dissociation

Journey Theme (PS4) Free!

I have just had a pretty cool experience. I need to take you on a bit of a journey first to help explain what happened.

There are two paths I am following right now- one is following my passion to engage heavenly places and along this walk I am following the teachings of those who explain about engaging heavenly realms, such as Mike parsons, Justin Abraham etc.

Another walk I am on is that of soul healing/fragments. In this walk I am receiving ministry for healing and also read and listen to teaching, folk like Matt Evans, David Joseph, Susan Storm & Diane Moyer.

Recently in a ministry session I encountered a spirit which had hypnotised a fragment of mine. That fragment would often freeze and stare at something and dissociate during sessions and although this had been happening a lot in sessions  I wasn’t actually aware of it- not fully.

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Courage To Be Disliked

Originally posted on Harumi’s Observations and Thoughts: I find it very interesting that the best-selling book today in Japan is titled Kirawareru Yuki, which means “the courage to be disliked” if translated literally. Written by a Japanese philosopher Ichiro Kishimi and writer Fumitake Koga, the work is fundamentally a self-help book that teaches people…

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This is not to say we should go out of our way to cultivate dislike by others, but rather it’s to address the concept that not everyone is going to like you or all you do / say. It’s how we handle ourselves in these situations that most of us need to work on because the desire to be loved / liked by everyone is so ingrained in us all today. The apostles had no such problem when confronted about “falling into line” so to speak with the prevailing mindset / culture. The immediately said, that they deemed it most important to obey YWHW GOD rather than men.

Who Would’ve Guessed?

Originally posted on Socio-Economics History Blog: Click on image for article. Click on image for article. Click on image for article. Click on image for article. The fulfillment of Revelation 12 is imminent. Click on image for article. The fulfillment of Rev. 12 is near. Click on image for article.

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