Dubious Assertions


On 11 February 2018, a Russian commercial plane, Saratov Airlines flight 6W703, crashed shortly after take off from Moscow’s Domodedovo airport, killing all 71 people (65 passengers, 6 crew) on board. Witnesses said the plane, an Antonov An-148 aircraft, was in flames as it fell from the sky. Russia’s gazeta.ru website cited unnamed investigators as […]

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As I said in my comments at the site, Clintons have a long reach but I doubt it extends into Russia. The Russian intelligence / security services are extremely competent, and would be watching for any suspicious activity (ies) inside their country’s borders.

Next, the end of the post addresses the facts which point to those who were thought to be on board and thus would be targets of Hillary et al, WEREN’T on board. If plane malfunctions and crashes are as common in Russia as the post points out then it’s very premature to jump to conspiratorial conclusions.


And so it’s Christmas

A season of memories for some


It’s almost Christmas and I have been looking forward to the lights, the carolling, yummy comfort food, family time and seeing friends. Worship and reflection.

It’s hardly been a joyful advent week as the children battled various ailments like the flu, cold, multiple nosebleeds landing my son in ER in the middle of the night. It’s been a messy week. We all complained a lot, well, me and my daughter, at least. My son thanked me profusely for taking him to the emergency to get his nose cauterized.

It’s been an offset week- I don’t feel balanced at all but then again, what is balanced? What is an unmessy week?

For this is why we look forward to the time of Christmas when we gaze upon the gift and miracle of our Savior’s birth and reflect upon who He is. Jesus brought us hope and walked among us as a…

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What is Truth?

This is what they were after (and always were after) with the false flag and hoax shootings. Gun control bill introduced by eight senators in bipartisan effort But so and so has a friend who visits the Sutherland area and ohhhh it was real alright because his friend was an eye witness. Oh so your […]

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I chose to reblog Laurel’s post under a  different title as I felt the question Pilate asked Yeshua is apropos for today. These days it’s hard to know what’s truth without having developped and refined one’s sense of discernment (some may call it one’s nose for BS).

The mainstream media (MSM) also known as lame stream media, was the subject of a meeting 100 yrs ago chaired by J D Rockefeller and attended by the other top globalists / banksters, in which they decided to investigate just how many media companies they needed to buy / buy control of, in order to control the news disseminated to the public. Thus it should come as no surprise that whether one watches CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, Global, CBC, BBC, etc or reads NYT, WaPo, LAT, etc, it’s all the same crap with a heavy slant to infotainment. That’s one reason the late David Rockefeller could brag that the NWO agenda of the globalists had accelerated greatly with the help of the media heads, who colluded to keep it secret.

As I said earlier, I’ve adopted Galatians 4:16 as my byword, “Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth?”. What Paul asked the Gauls is more relevant today than it was then simply because the scale today is much greater.

Important “Heads Up”

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I will be checking in periodically over the next week or so, but have a very busy week ahead and may not be adding posts frequently. I will get back to posting more once the next 7 days are past. Meanwhile if you want to check out some really good blogs, check out Mike Basham’s blogs like StarSword, Ancient Patriarchs, Bladewars, and Paradise Post. Another good blog is Laura’s called 50shadesofpissedoff. L A Marzulli posts some very good info as well. Mystic Mama Storm is another one I like to keep up on.

For alt news sites, I recommend checking out whatdoesitmean.com often along with RT, allnewspipeline, and Steve Quayle’s site. Steve also has some excellent video interviews with Henry Gruyver on his YouTube.


Hi everyone. I’m working long hours this weekend but hope to get back to writing more posts beginning Monday. Thanks for all those who’ve commented and appreciated the blog, and who took time to read more than one of my posts. I look forward to sharing more soon.