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Today I watched 2 YT (YouTube) videos, on the channel aminutetomidnite in which Nathan Leal was interviewed about some highly important results of research he’s been doing on current events. Nathan as I probably have shared before, has a site called thewatchmanscry.

Nathan mentioned that while other “watchmen” were busy warning everyone about things like giants, cover up of true history, nephilim, UFOs, aliens, coming alien deception, CERN, and a host of other things, (he didn’t demean them or say the topics weren’t relevant, but what I perceived was that so much attention is focused on these but VERY IMPORTANT developments are happening right under their noses), BUT they’re unaware of, and missing events happening that promise a HUGE negative impact on the lives of all including those who are believers. He calls them out as to this omission and does so because he passionately wants everyone to be fully awake.

I strongly recommend that everyone watch :



Musings of Late

Well it’s June 1 2017, n the pagan calendar year but the 5th day of the 3rd biblical month 6017 although the rabbinic calendar shows month of Sivan 5777.  There’s 240 years difference because of an omission by the rabbis explained by Michael Rood, Dr. Bill Schnoebelen, and others. At any rate seeing as we got that out of the way, I have some thoughts after a meeting with a brother over breakfast yesterday.

We discussed a range of topics, of current interest including what scripture teaches about “being saved”. We talked about how the “churchianity” mentality is that someone makes a profession of faith, publicly, (like going to the altar at an altar call) and asking forgiveness for sin(s) , and “asking Jesus/ Yahushuah into their heart”. Then what typically happens is that eventually they either “fall away” or become pew warmers being fed baby food which they become accustomed to, and don’t expect nor desire anything else UNLESS the Holy Spirit working on them creates a desire to seek a deeper walk, which could be begun by making them aware of a “something missing” or making them aware of dissatisfaction with the humdrum routine of “Churchianity”.

Unfortunately the vast majority seem somnolent (asleep) with no desire to be awakened. This I said was a major factor as to why many people have no desire to know Yahushuah / Jesus as they are not attracted to what they see is boring, dull, unexciting ritual. What got people’s attention in the early ecclesia, was the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit working through the apostles as they “turned the world upside down” as scripture records. The “explosive power” of the Holy Spirit, called “dunamis” in Greek (from which we get “dynamite”) was a living testimony in their lives. Let me ask, when Jesus / Yahushuah walked this earth, did He exhibit a powerless, weak, asleep type of life?

NO! He didn’t. Thus John said in 1 John 2 for an example, “that those who claim to be His, begotten anew in spirit by the Holy Spirit in regeneration, OUGHT TO WALK EVEN AS HE WALKED” (my emphasis and verbiage). This of course brings up what my brother in Messiah was also asking. Is a one time profession of faith, confession of sin, “asking Jesus into one’s heart” all that’s required to ensure your ticket to heaven? I told him, that my understanding over the last few years as I studied the word under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit, is that we’re to grow into the fullness of Him who redeemed us, and His desired plan for our lives, much as when a baby is born in this realm, the parents don’t expect that it’ll stay a baby forever. I think of Paul’s words, to the Philippians, wherein he said, despite all he’d accomplished for Christ, despite all his spiritual growth and experiences, he DID NOT COUNT HIMSLEF AS HAVING “ARRIVED” BUT RATHER HE PRESSED ON TO THE HIGH CALLING IN ORDER TO RUN THE RACE TO THE FINISH LEST HAVING RECRUITED OTHERS HE HIMSELF FAILED TO FINISH THE RACE”.

You see, Paul wasn’t about to “coast” through his life til he could “get to heaven” with his “ticket”.

Next, my brother brought up some thinking he’d been doing due to some passages of scripture he’s been reading in Thessalonians. He said it appeared to him, that when a Christian dies, they sleep til the trumpet sounds and Christ returns. (and he also quoted “no man has seen God (Father YHWH) at any time, except He who came forth from the Father (Christ)”. I said that I interpret what happens post- resurrection of Christ, is that the body sleeps but the spirit to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. At the parousia, the bodies of those who died in Him will rise up from the ground, to be caught up with Him in the air, and in so doing they’ll be transformed as Paul said in Corinthians, “in the twinkling of an eye” into their immortal bodies like His when he appeared post resurrection. The bible does say that He is the first fruits of those risen from the dead, that He was the seed that went into the ground and died that it might bring forth much fruit. Besides all this, YHWH told Aaron the High Priest, that He spoke to people in dreams, and visions, and through prophets, BUT WITH MY SERVANT MOSES I SPEAK FACE TO FACE. So how could anyone say no man has seen the Father?  My Hebraic Roots Bible – A Literal Translation, says in Genesis, that Abraham recognised YHWH as one of the 3 “men” who dined with him, while YHWH made Abe aware of His plan for Sodom & Gomoorah, allowing Abe to negotiate Lot and Lot’s family’s salvation from destruction. The scriptures teach that pre crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Christ, Lazarus was in “Paradise” and the rich man was in “Hades” with a chasm between them. It then says that when He was bodily dead but spiritually in this compartmentalised place, He preached to the spirits of the fallen angels imprisoned, but when He arose He led the spirits of the righteous dead, out of there ascending with them to heaven. It was that point the Holy Spirit brought to my pal’s remembrance, that Moses and Elijah were with Yahushuah on the mountain during His transfiguration. How he reasoned, could this be, if they were supposed to be “sleeping til parousia”?

We parted with the understanding we’ll get together next week to further our discussion on such topics as Rex Deus, Gnostics, and more.


In looking at Steve Quayle’s website today, news headlines links, I went to one which resonated, upon reading, deeply with me. I heartily recommend you read it for youself at

and to be honest it was the preamble Steve quoted in linking to it that caught my attention.  It basically said, no one who starts to seriously investigate to find truth, regarding what the heck is really going on, in this world, or its matrix / Babylon system, or who is really doing what and why, will end up finding out that it’s all done in battling against Yahshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ).  I have investigated the sources she mentions and much more and can verify that she’s telling the truth. I especially liked the answer YHWH gave her, when she questioned why others even loved ones, don’t seem to want to know.

Ruminating on this Feast

We’re now probably at least midway through the week of Passover / Pesach, Feast of Unleavened Bread / Feast of First Fruits. In the paganised “Christendom” who still follow the Roman Catholic tradition of “Easter” and “Good Friday”, today is their Good Friday.

I see it diferently. From what I’ve come to learn, YAHUSHUWAH /YAHSHUA / YAHUSHA (covering the bases here as all are valid but each expresses a slightly different facet of Him who is our King of Kings),  would have been buried before sundown this past Wednesday, and thus had finished 2 nights (W, T) and as ther sun sets here, 2 days (T,F) and was about to enter His 3rd night. Tomorrow would be (@ sundown) the end of the third day, and thus He would have arisen after sundown tomorrow. You see when YHWH the Father, created along with His yachiyd Son, and His Spirit it says of day 1, “and there was evening and morning the first day”.  So until He said through His Word (John 1 – the Word was in the beginning, …}  causing His Spirit to go into action, with “Let light be” there was only endless night. Thus the first day began with evening / night.By the way, Genesis 1:1 reads “In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth”. You may wonder why Elohim was used. Well in my direct translation bibles from the Hebrew, in Exodus 3, He told Moshe when asked who Moshe was to tell the Israelites (and Pharaoh) who sent him / gave him authority, he was told “tell them the Elohe of your fathers, the Elohe of Avraham, the Elohe of Ya’aqov, and the Elohe of Yitschaq has sent you and this is My name by which I am to be remembered forever, YAHUAH …” and he also told Moshe “EHYAH ASHER EHYAH” i.e. I AM THAT I AM, (THAT I WILL BE). Now Elohe is the singular form of Elohim, thus in Exodus Father YAHUAH (only one of the trinity) was engaging Moshe in dialogue. In Genesis the reason Elohim is specified is because the Father, the Son (WORD 0f the Father), and the Holy Spirit, were all creating in unison – thus the 3 members of the heavenly family of YAH were present. El of course was translated / comprehended as “god” and thus another name for our heavenly Father, is “El Elyon”, the MOST HIGH GOD.

Back to the topic of this feast LOL. We’re told also in Genesis 1, that He appointed the sun, moon, stars, lights in the heavens, not only to give light at their specified time (sun = day, moon. stars = night), but as indicators of His special appointed times of revelation or interaction with MAN.  In Leviticus we’re told to keep the feasts of the LORD (KJV) , which are “the set feasts of YAHUAH” in my bibles.Thus THEY’RE NOT JUST THE FEASTS FOR / OF THE JEWS! They’re His appointed / set times of importance to Him in his dealings with the Adamic creation. As Sha’ul (Paul) wrote, “these things were written for our instruction…” and by OUR he meant believers appropriating by faith in YAHUSHA’s  redemptive work by His crucifixion and shedding of His blood (Revelation titles Him also, “the passover Lamb of YAHUAH slain before the foundation of the world”), the gift of salvation. Thus the observance of passover, is in a sense, like Remembrance Day that is celebrated every Nov. 11, for the fallen who sacrificed their blood in wars. It’s Remembrance Day of YAHUSHA’s sacrifice by the shedding of His blood.

Next, unleavened bread is eaten in remembrance of the first Passover, when the Israelites had to leave in haste, and there was not time to add yeast,, to make the bread rise. Now YAHSHUA / YAHUSHA said, “I am the Bread of Life”. What did yeast signify according to scripture? PRIDE because pride puffs up people just as yeast puffs up bread.

Seeing as He was without sin, He didn’t have the sin of PRIDE. He was thus “The Unleavened Bread of Life”.

Lastly, First Fruits was when the Israelites brought offerings of the first (spring) harvest, to sacrifice to YHWH in accordance with His word (scripture). Sha’ul said of YAHSHUA, “now He is become the first fruits of those risen from the dead”. By His resurrection He became the first to be raised from the dead by the Father’s might power (Eph.1) and now made it possible for the believers to be raised to eternal ife at that last day.

So you see that each feast (we’ve only discussed the spring feasts), although techically Shavuot (50 days after Passover thus also called Pentecost) could be included, is a very special significance in our heavenly Papa’s calendar. We remember it was on Shavuot as the disciples gathered in Jerusalem, that the HOLY SPIRIT was given as fulfillment of the promise made before His ascension to heaven.

NOTE: When the faith once delivered to the saints, got corrupted within a couple of centuries after the apostles’ deaths, the Roman emperor, / caesar, Constantine, mixed the Roman pagan religion with his cherry picked parts of the faith the apostles handed down, and came up with a synthesis / syncretic stew, wherein all the pagan feasts were substituted for YHWH’s feasts – only the names changed to confuse the undiscerning. Thus Eostre / Astarte / Ashterah worship was included (she was amongst other things a fertility goddess of spring) and presto! Eostre became Easter.Constantine can also be credited with being the first pope, as he called himself “Pontifex Maximus” which is a title all popes claim also. Thus ole Constantine founded the Roman Catholic religion too.

There’s much more that could be discussed but we’ll close it for now. I hope this stimulates the readers to further research / study on their own (as no churches teach this) that they may find out just how badly the once true / pristine faith was corrupted and how too may believers today , have no idea they may call themselves Protestants, but they by and large still follow Roman Catholic dogma. (Such as mentioned above, such as substitution of Sunday (the day pagans / Romans worshipped the Sun dubbing it Sol Invictus – the Unconquerable Sun) for Sabbath, such as celebrating the birth of Christ in His incarnation on December 25 – the day the pagans/ Romans celebrated the rebirth of Sol Invictus- and that of subbing Yule (pagan feast) as Christmas when in fact YAHSHUA was born close to Sukkot, the Feast of Tents / Tabernacles which usually falls late September / early October on the Roman Julian / Catholic Gregorian calendar in use by societies around the world today.



More Insights


I shared with some people recently, some insights gleaned from the Hebrew, as set out in my Aleph Tav (eth) Cepher (Sefer) bible. It was translated from Hebrew to Engllish, while maintaining the fullest and richest depth of meaning as possible, while also maintaining exacting accuracy.

As you may remember, YAHUSHA / JESUS when speaking in Hebrew to John, in Revelation 1, said “I AM the Aleph and the Tav”.  Besides being the first and last letter so the Hebrew aleph-beit, there’s a great depth of applicable meaning not conveyed to other languages, when rendered as just, “the first and last, beginning and end” such as in Greek where Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters.  Seeing as YAHUSHA said “I AM” prefacing the letters Aleph and Tav, pronoounced “eth”, where it appears, (thousands of times) in the Hebrew scriptures, it’s fair to construe it as His divine autograph (i.e. initials).

Now, here’s what I shared previously:

I started reading the preface again to my Aleph Tav (eth) Cepher bible.
I thought you might find this interesting:
“Yesha-Yahu (Isaiah) 14 is well known as the only place in all of scripture where some bibles have substituted the name Lucifer, yet the name Lucifer (light bearer) does not actually appear in the original Ivriyt (Hebrew). The original Hebrew indicates there is no such name, and further that it is an extrapolation of what may actually be the name of the fallen angel.
How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, (hey yod lamed lamed) , son of the morning (they include here the Hebrew letters translated as son of the morning), i.e. “yawlal ben shahar“),  how art thou cut down to the ground which didst weaken the nations.
The term reading right to left, of the original Hebrew letters hey, yod, lamed , lamed, can be transliterated h-y-l-l or hell.
The pronunciation however places more vowels yielding heylel. (They explain that the 2 angels Michael and Gabriel, both end with “el”).
(el was used for god – my note). (Thus one could conclude, Heylel, is actually the name of the fallen angel.)
The preface also states that the passge contains another term worthy of discussion, yawlal (which is part of “son of the morning”), Apparently it is not referenced or interpreted in any other English bible, besides the Eth Cepher. It means “howling’ thus this:
“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Heylel! son of the howling morning! how are you cut down to ground, which did weaken the nations!”.
 Some further deep insights can be gained by exploring the terms “yachiyd” and “yachad“.
Yachiyd is first referenced in Genesis with respect ot Avraham, when he was instructed to take Yitschaq / Isaac to a mountain to be offered as a burn offering.
“And He said, take now eth-your son, your eth-yachiyd eth-Yitschaq, whom you love, and get you into the land of Moriyah; and offer him there upon one of the mountains as a burnt offering which I will tell you of”. Genesis 22:2
Isaac was not the first born, Ishamel was, but he was nonetheless the yachiyd son of Avraham.(Yachiyd can also refer to daughters). Thus, the yachiyd, is better understood as the beloved child, not necessarily the only or first, begotten.
“For I was my father’s son, tender and only begotten yachiyd, in the sight of my mother”. Proverbs 4:3 (written by Solomon).
Here he says he was the tender and only begotten BELOVED in the sight of his mother, ie her only begotten by David, who had other sons & daughters by other wives. Thus she beloved him as her yachiyd.
In another context, we read:
“And I will turn your feasts into mourning, and all your songs into lamentation; and I will bring up sackcloth upon all loins, and baldness upon every head; and I will make it as the mourning of a yachiyd, and the end thereof as a bitter day”. Amos 8:10.
Remember Israel was His chosen people, to be a light to all nations and be His bride, then the other nations upon seeing His favour upon them would hopefully desire to also come to Him (even in the Tanakh / OT scripture YHWH made plain plenty of times that His desire was to accept any and all from any and all nations who desired to be joined to Him).
Here’s an accurate rendering of a familiar verse:
“For YAH so loved the world, that He gave His eth-yachiyd, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”. John 3:16.
Now, let’s consider “yachad” and its rich meaning.
Yachad in its application means to BE ONE, or to become one, or to join or to unite. Yet, it appears to be a joining of YAH and echad (one). Thus it means to be joined or  united with YAH.
“neither pray I for these alone, but for them also who shall believe on me throught their word; that they all may be yachad; as  you Father, are in Me, and I in you’ that they also may be yachad in us; that the world may believe that you sent Me. And the glory which you gave Me, I have given them, that they may be yachad even as we are yachad.” John 17: 20-22.
I hope you not only enjoy this sharing of rich insight, but that it blesses you in furthering your comprehension of scripture.
PS: Most ‘bibles’ do not translate YAHUSHA’s words in Matthew 23 correctly. I learned from a very reputable source, that when one looks at the Hebrew Matthew, the error becomes very apparent. In most, when He and the disciples go into the temple, He remarks about the “seat of Moses” which the Pharisees claimed gave them authority in teaching from it, as if Moses was teaching.
The correct rendering instead of “whatever they tell you to keep…” referring to the Pharisees,  found in most bibles, is:
“Then Yahshua spoke to the crowd and His disciples, saying, ” the scribes and the Pharisees have sat down on Moses’ seat, then all things whatever HE (Moses) tells you to keep, keep and do. But do not according to their works, for they talk and do not do”.
He was telling them to keep and do what YHWH inspired Moses, the prophets, and inspired authors of scripture, to write for their instruction, ie the Tanakh as the Jews called the “Old Testament”, the scriptures of His time on earth, and NOT to do what the Pharisees teach. He reinforced His Father’s Word, (He was / is the Word of God who became flesh),  as that to be our (and their) guide, not the teachings of Man (we’re to discern by study, and Holy Spirit instruction,  what others teach.).
I emphasise this requires diligent effort on each one’s part, we’re not to just go to some building and listen to some guy preach, then leave without any effort being expended to discern if it’s truth.
I will try to continue some posting this week on various subjects of interest.

Some Clarifications

As I said, each has to follow his own path as he submits to YHWH to be led by His Spirit, and come to know how to live according to the revelation they come to know, that He reveals in their seeking to grow closer, into a more intimate (daily) relationship with Him, His Son, and His Spirit. I also refer to Paul writing to Colossae wherein he discussed how some follow what they perceive to be a path, honouring to the Father & Christ, others take a different position, but each is not to judge the other, but is to make sure that they are doing HIS will:-)

I wasn’t positing that we should be walking in fear or paranoia, my position is, that YHWH told Paul to write for his generation of believers and all future generations, “brethren I would not have you ignorant (ie unaware, lacking knowledge, “in the dark”)” and also in another place, that they (that generation) were not unaware of the enemy’s devices (tactics, strategies, structures, etc) and my main focus is to raise awareness, like I said in the blog post that Kara reblogged, “Arise O sleepers …” for “the night is far spent” so “put off the works of darkness, and put on the armour of light” that we who do so, may be effectively used by the Father and His Son, by His Spirit to overcome the enemy and to win souls that they too may be delivered from the kingdom of darkness and the prince of darkness, and too learn to overcome. We’re in a spiritual war as Paul said in Ephesians 6, the minute we repent, commit our lives to the Kingship of Jesus, we become part of the force opposing the prince of darkness and his kingdom, and he wars against us. He has his methods, tools, modus operandi, and the gamut ranges from lulling everyone into a state of complacency / sleep, to render them ineffective / useless vs him,  to using those still in his kingdom as vehicles with which to attack.

I want to point out that nowadays, when you look at society, you see at least 2 generations brainwashed by the elite thru their minions, to a point of view / agenda that doesn’t believe nor does it know how, to be able to have dialogue with someone of views not conforming to theirs,, doesnt tolerate any “dissenting opinion(s)”, and forcefullly comes against the “dissidents” to crush what they perceive as “wrong views / ideas”.

In our discussion even, of yesterday, all could freely talk and listen without condemnation, without getting upset, angry, or offended, without hurling insults to the other not totally in agreement with ourselves, etc. and instead exhibit respect for the others.

This should be the norm (pun intended LOL).


Expanded About Me

About Paul

I was one of the hippy generation. I became adolescent in the late turbulent sixties. I grew disillusioned with that which my mom and dad had tried to instil in me, and decided it was much more fun, and interesting to join most of my friends, and my generation, in the celebration of “free sex, drugs, booze, rock’n’roll, and generally rebellion against the standards of the day. It was several years later I returned like the prodigal son, to my Father in heaven, and knelt in submission to Yeshua His Son, repenting and seeking to begin my journey in Messiah.

Over the last 40 years, like the Israelites of old, I found myself in the wilderness at various times, for varying lengths of time. I would say when I wandered, it was due to not finding what I sought, in the churches, (I tried a number of denominations), along with the lack of power to impact the world like the first believers. I sought and got, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and subsequently was witnessing in jails, on the streets, in coffee houses, playing in Christian groups, (I play guitar), and so on. People in the church thought I was somewhat fanatical and didn’t really relate on the whole, to my (and my siblings’) zeal. Eventually I drifted after the breakup of a home based fellowship I was in, and for close to 20 years was prodigal.

It’s only been the last 10 years, especially the last 5, that I’ve begun in earnest to immerse myself in being tutored by the Holy Spirit, and by others who are following non-traditional paths, that I’ve been growing spiritually.

My preferred study bibles, are the Hebraic Roots Bible – A Literal Translation (from congregation of YHWH), and the Aleph Tav Cepher (from WND online). I like them for translating from the original Hebrew / Aramaic, and in the Cepher’s case, because it includes 87 books not 66. Yahar, Yovheliym, Enoch, all 4 Ezra books, etc., are included. (Yashar is Jasher, Yovheliym is Jubilees). These historical books add much to the comprehension as one STUDIES to show oneself approved.