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I haven’t bought this book yet. From the reviews of it, it sounds interesting. I likely will get it to check it out for myself. One review I read seemed to hint at material in it that covers some of the same spiritual ground as others have been exposing for a few years now – like Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, Tim Alberino, Cris Putnam, Justen Faull, Gary Wayne. Thus I’m intrigued to see what Cahn’s take is.


Centrality of the Cross

Originally posted on sapphirethroneministries: Enter Yeshua’s bosom. His burden is light. Feel the warmth and love that recalibrates you into His very image. Behold, the centrality of the Cross that’s colorful, pulsating and alive. There is power here for peace like a river. There is power here to break barriers of Never-Neverland. There is power…


If You Can – Be There!

Tomorrow we will be heading out for the Lightning in the BAYOU Conference with Paul Begley, Russ Dizdar, BP Earth Watch and Yours Truly! #lightningstrikestheBAYOU! Acceleration Radio VIDEO! _______________________________________________ 100 years ago an event happened that changed the world. Upwards of 70,000 were gathered in the little village of Fatima, Portugal. It was called, The […]

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Two years ago, I and some family went to hear L A speak at the University of Toronto on one of his rare forays into Canada. It seemed the time flew by and everyone paid rapt attention to his talk wherein he shared very interesting information. Thus if anyonee is near to this event I would recommend that you attend.

Response to a Sis Being Attacked

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I had a long converstaion by phone, then I emailed quite a lengthy email to a sister in Messiah Yeshua who’s been the target of many hate fueled attacks lately by so called “believers”.

I thought the word that the LORD gave me might benefit others so I will post it here to that end.

I am glad you came to a resolution re the summit. I didn’t want to influence the decision. I can totally relate to your reasons why. I know from my own life, the long struggle with lust and the discouragement I would feel, and the thoughts the enemy would put in to my head that I’d crossed a line one too many times and Father YHWH and Yeshua were writing me off as incorrigible. I knew the source of those lies, but it didn’t make it much easier to deal with. I’m sorry to hear of Carl’s heretical views. But it goes to show that Paul’s advice to “take heed of the ground on which you stand lest you fall” is directed to us all in that if we get complacent, or lazy, or slip in our walk so as to not be walking in intimacy with Yeshua by His Spirit, then we’re not fully protected in the armour He provides, lacking spiritual discernment, and become susceptible to erroneous doctrines of devils.
As for C, yes I’ll bear her up in prayer because she needs revelation by the Holy Spirit to be made aware of exactly “where she stands” at this point in time in her walk. Again as I said on the phone , because of the lack of teaching / admonishment / exhortation in the “church” on topics like
– the blood of Jesus
-holiness before the Lord
-the end times (ESCHATOLOGY)
-baptism in the Holy Spirit
-manifesting the fruit of the Spirit
-taking heed as to where one stands lest they’re on a weak foundation / unstable ground and fall
passages like 1 john 2 where we’re told that if we are His then we are to walk even as He walked
Jeremiah ie chapter 7 where YHWH tells him to remind the people that He commanded them to obey Him and His commandments in order that all be well with them BUT they walked in the STUBBORNESS OF THEIR OWN HEARTS (CARNAL MIND) AND WENT BACKWARDS IN THEIR RELATIONS WITH HIM NOT FORWARDS
-passages like Jeremiah 10 where He tells Jerry that the people have become altogether foolish and stupid from lack of knowledge AND He puts the blame on the pastors (shepherds) of his people who He says have become stupid because they have not sought (consulted) YHWH and thus they will NOT be blessed and the flocks will be scattered.
-Jeremiah 12:7-10 “I have forsaken My house, I have left My inheritance. I have given the beloved of My soul into the hand of her enemies.  My inheritance is like a speckled bird to me, …Many shepherds have destroyed My vineyard, they have trampled My portion under foot, they have made My pleasant portion a desolate wilderness”
These messages are the type that the modern “Body” needs to hear, not the ear tickling crap most are getting. One thing for sure, if YHWH sent someone to the various assemblies (congregations) / churches with these messages they’d likely be tossed out on their butts. The bible talks about getting to a point where one is unable to endure sound doctrine.
We really need to pray for the people – the pastors too as most of them fall into Jeremiah’s description. You don’t share the Word of YHWH, by using sermon preparation principles (hermenutics) but rather by seeking (as Jeremiah said) YHWH, and the anointing of His Spirit to give utterance to His Word to the people.
The I added:
Like I said, disregard the trolls and the hate spewers because they’re demonstrating that they’re not doing so by the Holy Spirit but rather are allowing the enemy and his minions to use them to attack those who are trying to walk godly in Christ Jesus. In the scriptures Jesus told us that if anyone doesn’t receive our message to shake the dust off our feet, and leave them to their fate as the dust shaken off will stand as a testimony against them.
Unless we’re explicitly without doubt shown by Father and Yeshua NOT to pray for them, we can continue to pray for them that He will by His light penetrate the darkness the enemy has envelopped them in, and heal / deliver them from the traps of the enemy.  I think it’s good to ditch all the people who aren’t on board with the way God’s leading you, (block them or unfriend them, on FB, unsubsribe from their YT channel, unfollow them on Twitter, etc).
I will remind you what Yeshua said “sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof” KJV – which means each day will have enough evil / trouble of its own, thus we don’t need to seek more or pile up our plates with helpings of more grievous attacks, hate, name calling, etc


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In reading a blog post today, I understood the validity of the author’s questions, I’ commented though that I would add more (that I listed some of ) BUT I also came out and asked him if he’s a preterist. Preterism seems to be making a comeback. I will add more to this later.

Okay, back again. Here’s a summary of preterism from a site to which I will provide the link at the end of it:


What is the preterist view of the end times?

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Question: “What is the preterist view of the end times?”

Answer: According to preterism, all prophecy in the Bible is really history. The preterist interpretation of Scripture regards the book of Revelation as a symbolic picture of first-century conflicts, not a description of what will occur in the end times. The term preterism comes from the Latin praeter, meaning “past.” Thus, preterism is the view that the biblical prophecies concerning the “end times” have already been fulfilled—in the past. Preterism is directly opposed to futurism, which sees the end-times prophecies as having a still-future fulfillment.

Preterism is divided into two types: full (or consistent) preterism and partial preterism. This article will confine the discussion to full preterism (or hyper-preterism, as some call it).

Preterism denies the future prophetic quality of the book of Revelation. The preterist movement essentially teaches that all the end-times prophecies of the New Testament were fulfilled in AD 70 when the Romans attacked and destroyed Jerusalem. Preterism teaches that every event normally associated with the end times—Christ’s second coming, the tribulation, the resurrection of the dead, the final judgment—has already happened. (In the case of the final judgment, it still in the process of being fulfilled.) Jesus’ return to earth was a “spiritual” return, not a physical one.

Preterism teaches that the Law was fulfilled in AD 70 and God’s covenant with Israel was ended. The “new heavens and new earth” spoken of in Revelation 21:1 is, to the preterist, a description of the world under the New Covenant. Just as a Christian is made a “new creation” (2 Corinthians 5:17), so the world under the New Covenant is a “new earth.” This aspect of preterism can easily lead to a belief in replacement theology.

Preterists usually point to a passage in Jesus’ Olivet Discourse to bolster their argument. After Jesus describes some of the end-times happenings, He says, “Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened” (Matthew 24:34). The preterist takes this to mean that everything Jesus speaks of in Matthew 24 had to have occurred within one generation of His speaking—the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 was therefore “Judgment Day.”

The problems with preterism are many. For one thing, God’s covenant with Israel is everlasting (Jeremiah 31:33–36), and there will be a future restoration of Israel (Isaiah 11:12). The apostle Paul warned against those who, like Hymenaeus and Philetus, teach falsely “that the resurrection has already taken place, and they destroy the faith of some” (2 Timothy 2:17–18). And Jesus’ mention of “this generation” should be taken to mean the generation that is alive to see the beginning of the events described in Matthew 24.

Eschatology is a complex subject, and the Bible’s use of apocalyptic imagery to relate many prophecies has led to a variety of interpretations of end-time events. There is room for some disagreement within Christianity regarding these things. However, full preterism has some serious flaws in that it denies the physical reality of Christ’s second coming and downplays the dreadful nature of the tribulation by restricting that event to the fall of Jerusalem.

Recommended Resource: Understanding End Times Prophecy by Paul Benware

Here is the LINK to Paul’s site: (gotta admit I like the name Paul eh LOL).

As you can see if instead of prophecies being deemed yet to be fulfilled as most evangelicals believe, for the last days to be upon us and the second coming of Yeshua / Jesus to occur, instead, as preterists believe, they’ve already been fulfilled by the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD, are they saying the LORD JESUS returned no later than 70 AD?

How do they explain away, not only passages in the gospels wherein we’re told that certain signs have to occur in the heavens, and at the same time earth will manifest “birth pangs” like those never seen before (think all the earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions or those about to erupt, droughts, fires, famines, etc) but also those in the epistles like in Corinthians and Thessalonians for instance, wherein we’re told that there will be mass deception prevalent on earth, there will be a One World Govt (OWG) aka NWO, that in the twinkling of an eye the elect believers in Christ will be putting off mortality and putting on immortality (bodies) as they’re caught up in the air to meet Him in the air?

I’m no theologian, but I do study the scriptures, thus I try to allow for more than 1 possible interpretation of a passage of in cases, a double fulfillment at different times in history.

While we’re at it, has anyone seen AntiChrist yet? the Beast? the False Prophet? (all 3 of these make up an unholy trinity).What about the passage in Daniel where he was told that a time will come, when they will mix their seed with mankind? They would have to refer to the fallen angels / Watchers who created the original nephilim. At present they’re still chained at the bottom (or below the bottom) of the Euphrates River but Revelation tells us they will be released for one last “kick at the can” to execute Satan’s agenda on earth before the return of the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, to put an end to it – the scriptures tell us (words of Yeshua) that unless He does that, no life would have survived this final onslaught of Satan. Does it look like that’s been fulfilled to you? I have more to say but this is enough for now.

Most Politicians And Celebrities Have Been Soul Scalped In Secret Rituals – What Is It? How Is It Done? — 50 Shades of Pissed Off

I used to laugh at the whole “reptilian” thing…thinking it was just too bizarre to consider. I used to think David Icke was a disinfo agent who had been thrown into the “truther scene” to discredit truthers with his “reptilian talk”. Until I heard Michael from CCOT (Council of Time) speak about how he had worked […]

via Most Politicians And Celebrities Have Been Soul Scalped In Secret Rituals – What Is It? How Is It Done? — 50 Shades of Pissed Off

I’m reblogging the above post, because I do consider it a valid warning to all believers to move away from being Laodicean to growing in intimate relationship with our Father and His Son Jesus.  Here’s some observations of my own. I basically haven’t attended any church much in 25 years I’d guess. My late mom, when I visited her, would get on my case from time to time, admonishing me and telling me that’s not the way I was raised. For years I’d worked weekends, 12 hr shifts (like 4pm to 4am). I would reply as follows:

“mom, I appreicate your love and concern, but let me make some points. when we were being raised, I can recall hearing many a sermon on


-the last days

-the baptism in the Holy Spirit



-the power in the blood of Jesus

-exhortation to witness to the lost (evangelism)

then I’d ask her when was the last time she could remember hearing anything on the above never mind regularly?”

I’m reading an excellent classic work by H A Maxwell Whyte, on the power in the blood of Jesus and I must say I’ve yet to see a better analysis. I would agree with him also , that the reason we see a powerless and neutered “church”, is precisely because Yeshua said “I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE“, and the scriptures tell us “the LIFE is in the BLOOD” Leviticus 17:11.

Believers need to get back to growing in relatinship with the Father and His Son, daily, and back in the practice of PLEADING THE BLOOD DAILY.


Russia Issues Feared “Firebird-Gray Wolf” Order Against US As Syrian War Endgame Nears



For the benefit of the uninmformed, I’m including this image showing the real occult masters of the US, (and most of the world). The first I’ll draw attention to is the 1$ bill which has been explained ad nauseum in many blogs, YT videos, etc. The second is Freemasons, the third is the Baphomet symbol – closely related to the stars shown.The currency shown also points to the globalist bankster cartel, who’re all Luciferian / Kabbalistic / occultists  and who do control the planet.

Now that we have touched on these, I will point out that it’s also well known, that the US via Obama, Hillary, Panetta, etc, armed, supplied, trained, and still does, ISIS.

Now I’ll give the link to an article from site, wherein I usually find info that isn’t really being covered elsewhere. Those who operate the site , have been subject, and still are, to attacks on them by the left (ie sinister, evil) in the world, who claim that Sorcha Faal, is made up of Russian pawns, used to spread disinfo. Well I’ll leave it up to you, the readers, to make of it what you will, but nonetheless, they do quote factual sources and events – like the one in this article about the Hisb’allah kidnapping of the Russians, and how Russia responded, and the result.

So without further ado go check out THIS LINK