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TOTAL PROOF OF INTELLIGENT LIFE ON MARS!! We have just uploaded the documentary PROJECT REDSTAR, Martian Genesis” to our ANGEL FALL 923 web site for all to see FREE OF CHARGE. You don’t want to miss it for it will only be up for a short time – and then will only be available on […]

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I ordered a series from Stew several years ago, of DVDs,  that were fascinating. They were called UFO Gateway to Hell  (3  DVD), Gateway Four, (American UFO Experience), and the original Project Redstar DVD. They were instrumental in educatiing me about things hitherto unknown to me or known very superficially. I will vouch for Stew’s research as he has been doing in depth research on these things for over 30 years.


Flee Immorality — Laura Bon

Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body (1 Corinthians 6:18 NKJV) This Scripture reminds us about fleeing sexual immorality. A lot of Christians are complacent about this godly instruction, however that is a great deception. The Bible tells us…

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There’s some good spiritual meat in this post and the comments. I’m not a fan much of any of the KJV compilations but the message is still there.

Vision: White Eagles — Tents of Issachar

I have seen several visions about WHITE EAGLES for the past many years. At present, I would like to share this particular vision with you. VISION: WHITE EAGLES 18th July 2018 I saw a convocation of white eagles, in the sky. They descended with great speed and with their beaks tapped the ground, tapped on caves, […]

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This is an interesting vision a sister shares – and as I said in the comments at her site, it’s related to not only other visions she’s had, but I think also in some way, to those of Joanie Stahl @ the aminutetomidnite blog.

Best & Taylor News Hour With Barry Roffman, Bible Code Expert — lightgateblogger

On Night Shadows Tonight 7:00 PM CDT The Latest News on Bible Codes, Israel Wars, Politics and More… The Middle East appears to be heating up once again, with Israel’s full call-up of reserves, threats from Iran and their alliances, Putin, Trump and Bibi forge secret alliance to help defend Israel along […]

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Sounds like this will be a real humdinger of a show. It appears it will cover many interesting developments that should make every one perk up their eschatological ears and open their eschatological eyes so to speak.

Who Really Rules the USA and the World?

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The one thing mentioned in the above linked post, that I am not sure I agree with,is the statement “The “British Crown” is run out of the City of London by Queen Elizabeth II and Rothschild. They run this world via the Queen’s “Admiralty Law” system and Rothschild’s FIAT money and financial systems” mainly because in my research I believe that the monarch (i.e Queen) does have a function / job in the Crown but the Crown is a actually “CROWN CORPORATION” and even she is answerable to Rothschild(s) – she’s more like a VP or something of that corporation. The global banksters as I call them headed by Rothschild family, do run the corporation, but the Vatican is who they answer to.  I do agree with the statement the blogger makes “They are the “NWO” that controls the nations (even Russia, China and USA) by mafia-style pay-offs and top-down CONTROL. Since they control the law and money, they also control the Vatican and the 501(c)3 churches in USA”.

You see my nanna used to remind us of scriptures like, “the borrower is servant to the lender” and Yeshua added, “until the last penny is paid” wherein He also said  they can even have the debtor thrown in jail. Now this applies to nations (really corporation nations) in that if they don’t co-operate then like JFK they can be “taken out”” and replaced by a “Yes” man like LBJ. I believe that when Reagan tried to buck them, and they tried to kill him, that after that, he was a different man as far as leadership is concerned, in fact that ex-CIA dirty hands guy, G H W Bush as the VP who was forced on Reagan, was probably running the show and Reagan was the puppet. I do not believe that the Reagan whose agenda when elected, was for the people, etc, would’ve been involved in the Iran-Contra mess – that smells highly of CIA/Bush agenda.

I will put a plug in this post for Peter Hendrickson of the “lost horizons” web site and author of “Cracking the Code”.  In the US he’s had much success educating the people on the unlawfulness of the IRS for one, and helped them get full refunds.

For this, his site has been blocked by some browsers, (like Comodo and thus likely Chrome) as “dangerous” among other things. This is typical elite censorship a la Google, or Facebook, or YouTube.

Jesus Defeated Powers And Gods — Laura Bon

Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross. – Colossians 2:15 Jesus Christ defeated principalities and powers and triumphed over them. He defeated them and gave them a resounding knockout. He is the one that has the key and power over death and the world…

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I wrote a detailed comment at the original post linked above which is very pertinent to His triumph.

Hold Fast To What Is Good — Laura Bon

This Scripture reminds us to hold fast to what is good. We must cling to the word of God and constantly strive to be blameless by walking in love. We must hate evil and cling to goodness and holiness like Jesus. The one who is victorious I will make a pillar in the temple of…

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I made a comment containing 2 links to YouTube videos, at the original post above. I highly recommend them.