Chris Tyreman Tackles Hidden Controls

Exposing the hidden controls of your life. Chris Tyreman heads up the Chronicle Project and has an amazing book about the Destruction of the Sabbath:

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I posted a lengthy comment at the original blog post link above. I only addressed the part about the destruction of Sabbath. I felt I needed to share my perspective as one who mediates between opposing factions in my own family. We were raised “in the church” mode and tradition – i.e Easter, Christmas, Sundays, etc). I explained how I learned later in life, the origins of this tradition, and how most “Protestants” actually still observe many Roman Catholic practices (which are pagan coated with a “Christian” veneer).

I also shared where I’m at presently, and why. I ended up with comments about lack of tolerance.



A sobering dream of the Judgment of America, by Marty Breeden: “If you choose to read this dream I had LAST NIGHT (3-11-18) at all….. please read it until the end!! The dream I had last night will be difficult to share. One because it was so traumatic to have seen and been involved in….and […]

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Like I’ve already pointed out in another post, just like the vast majority of Noah’s day, the world today is apathetic to warnings, unbelieving, or just plain burying their head in the sand, hoping that all will continue as it has – exactly how Yeshua described the end of days in Matthew 24 for one.

Evil Agenda re Children

Again, today at WDIM site, I read a very disturbing article about the evil elite’s agenda vs Christ, Christians, and the children.  I know they realise they can’t bring their NWO (OWG – one world govt) predicted in Revelation without destroying all the values YHWH has given to Man to have a just and free society, instead of one of enslavement, control, forced submission to the type of control Orwell so aptly described in Animal Farm and 1984.

I suggest (strongly) you go to HERE and read this post about what a former German intelligence officer accidentally discovered and what happened afterwards. It’s not pleasant. Not only he and his family, but other families too. This is what we’re going to be confronted with more and more so we better get on our knees, and start seeking for direction from heaven, as to how to war in the spirit against the adversaries.

His Blessings To Us

Good News And Faith All Blessings Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ, (Ephesians 1:3 NKJV) He gave us life, love, forgiveness and eternal blessings. We were once sinners, lost in the world without hope and stumbling…

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A good reminder. I made a comment at the above linked original post.

Amazing Beings of Light


I went to an article today, linked to by Steve Quayle, from his news headlines (site) at  Quayle. It contained an article on God’s creation of MAN as a light being, as well as how light interacts with all living things. I found it very interesting and you do have to think about what it’s saying, altho’ I ‘m not sure I agree with it all. I did make some comments I felt pertinent at the site. If you would like to check out this very interesting article it can be found at THIS SITE

UFO Sighting Near ROSWELL! — L.A. Marzulli’s Blog

UFOs are Real, Burgeoning and NOT Going Away! Commentary and Analysis by L.A. Marzulli I love it when I get up in the morning and after my daily reading of the word and some prayer, I check my emails. Like Tom Hank’s character in […]

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I can’t add much to what L A already included in his post link above.

Heresies of the Modern Age

As a Christian writer, I get many emails from all over the world. Most of these are words of encouragement and sometimes I’m asked questions. I am not a theologian – we shall leave that to the men who pastor their churches and those who have Sound Biblical ministries which impact the church for Christ. […]

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I made a lengthy comment at the original post link above, but I will briefly allude to some of it. In Revelation Messiah Yeshua took 7 assemblies of believers (called out ones) to task so to speak, i.e. He told them His grading of them giving them a report card as the Head(Master) of the body. Most today use a dispensationalist approach to interpret scripture – and that (dispensationalism) is heresy in my book. I say that because adherents assign various ages to a label / category that tends to relegate important teachings on subjects to be applicable to other ages / dispensations than their own.

Universalism is nothing new, neither is annihilationism, if you study the first few centuries after Yeshua’s ascension. There were Manichaens, Arians, Valentiians, other forms of gnosticism, blending of paganism with “Christianity”, and Pelagianism. Of the list above, the only one I see as having truly spiritual growth motivations in mind, was Pelagius – even his opponents gave him credit for his devotion to the faith, high moral character, and intellectual acuity.

At any rate as I pointed out in my aforementioned comment, the “church” today is not Laodicean / Laodikean, or Pergamosian, or Thyatitian, etc but the faults of all 7 assemblies are manifest today – now yes some in greater measure than others. For instance the church Ephesus was commended for much but admonished for having left (forgotten) their zeal (first love) for Yeshua and their former enthusiasm re their relationship with Him. Today that is very evident also. Laodicea was told they were lukewarm, worthy only of being vomited out of His mouth so to speak. Thyatirea was told they tolerated some sin, especially  the spirit of Jezebel, who seduced some of them into sexual and other reprehensible sin. Pergamos was upbraided for tolerating people who professed but were not members of His body, but rather were members of the synagogue of Satan. That too is prominent in more than one manifest way, today.