Chris Tyreman Tackles Hidden Controls

Exposing the hidden controls of your life. Chris Tyreman heads up the Chronicle Project and has an amazing book about the Destruction of the Sabbath:

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I posted a lengthy comment at the original blog post link above. I only addressed the part about the destruction of Sabbath. I felt I needed to share my perspective as one who mediates between opposing factions in my own family. We were raised “in the church” mode and tradition – i.e Easter, Christmas, Sundays, etc). I explained how I learned later in life, the origins of this tradition, and how most “Protestants” actually still observe many Roman Catholic practices (which are pagan coated with a “Christian” veneer).

I also shared where I’m at presently, and why. I ended up with comments about lack of tolerance.



A sobering dream of the Judgment of America, by Marty Breeden: “If you choose to read this dream I had LAST NIGHT (3-11-18) at all….. please read it until the end!! The dream I had last night will be difficult to share. One because it was so traumatic to have seen and been involved in….and […]

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Like I’ve already pointed out in another post, just like the vast majority of Noah’s day, the world today is apathetic to warnings, unbelieving, or just plain burying their head in the sand, hoping that all will continue as it has – exactly how Yeshua described the end of days in Matthew 24 for one.

Evil Agenda re Children

Again, today at WDIM site, I read a very disturbing article about the evil elite’s agenda vs Christ, Christians, and the children.  I know they realise they can’t bring their NWO (OWG – one world govt) predicted in Revelation without destroying all the values YHWH has given to Man to have a just and free society, instead of one of enslavement, control, forced submission to the type of control Orwell so aptly described in Animal Farm and 1984.

I suggest (strongly) you go to HERE and read this post about what a former German intelligence officer accidentally discovered and what happened afterwards. It’s not pleasant. Not only he and his family, but other families too. This is what we’re going to be confronted with more and more so we better get on our knees, and start seeking for direction from heaven, as to how to war in the spirit against the adversaries.

World In Chaos

I was at this SITE today reading the latest posts of news. I was both surprised and dismayed at some of the more recent ones that divulge that which I’ve not seen (yet) on other sites. I have noticed in the past that this site, tends to be ahead of the pack, and a fair bit of that they report ends up being reported later on other sites (alt news and sometimes some more mainstream).  This doesn’t surprise me because this site like many that report that which Deep State / NWO forces don’t want reported, tends to get lots of flak, flamed often, and disparaged.  I always try to remember what my wise nanna used to tell us as kids “where there’s smoke there’s fire”.  So for those who dismiss such info as “blowing smoke” , when they get burned by the fire they’ll regret too late their dismissal.

I give whatdoesitmean (WDIM) credit for persevering in the face of huge odds, against the tide of apathy, ignorance, and cynical disparagement. When anyone tries to be the watchman on the wall, they have to be prepared to meet the same type of reaction that Noah got.

My Interview with George Noory on Fatima! — L.A. Marzulli’s Blog

In trying to get the word out about the ongoing UFO phenomenon we’re going to lower the price of our film on VIMEO: The Watchman Chronicles – In Their Own Words UFOs are Real! For a limited time, you can watch the entire 1:37 minutes of testimonies by people just like you and me for […]

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I think it’s admirable of L A that he authorised a reduction in price to make his film more accessible / affordable in order that more people can have a chance to watch it and ponder it, to decide for themselves (hopefully with Holy Spirit direction) , what their position on this information is.

I applaud people like L A, Steve Quayle, Tim Alberino, Justen Faull, Tom Horn, Jim Wilhemsen , and others who tackle the difficult topics that many want to relegate to some kind of lunatic fringe.

I heartily recommend their work, and associated web sites, or you tube channels as well as what they’ve made available on vimeo,.

An Update From Stewart

Tonight on Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CDT Time Warps, Alpha & Omega Points, Time Tunnels and Much More… The Omega point of this world is rapidly approaching, but the masses of the world appear to be in a nearly comatose state, unable to recognize even the most blatant of signs. Barry Roffman’s work […]

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If you’re like me and couldn’t listen live, I know a lady saves them on her youtube channel  – Dorothy Crothers . So you can always catch up later 🙂

He’s always interesting, and controversial to many, but that challenges people to do some investigation of their own, both of scriptures and for other corroborating witness.

Hillary Clinton injured in India — Fellowship of the Minds

The AP reports (via New York Post) that Suresh Goyal, the CEO of Goyal Hospital in Jodhpur, India, said that on Wednesday, March 14, 2018, Hillary Clinton was briefly treated there “for about 15-20 minutes,” after suffering a minor injury at her hotel. Goyal declined to say what 70-year-old Hillary was treated for. But an […]

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It seems all the talk of her health failing are being manifested more often in public incidents like this one.