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I wanted to include this brief update to point all toward my brother Mike’s posts linked to below:


the first one actually ties in well with my recent post concerning Nathan Leal’s revelations

Some Important Info

Today I watched 2 YT (YouTube) videos, on the channel aminutetomidnite in which Nathan Leal was interviewed about some highly important results of research he’s been doing on current events. Nathan as I probably have shared before, has a site called thewatchmanscry.

Nathan mentioned that while other “watchmen” were busy warning everyone about things like giants, cover up of true history, nephilim, UFOs, aliens, coming alien deception, CERN, and a host of other things, (he didn’t demean them or say the topics weren’t relevant, but what I perceived was that so much attention is focused on these but VERY IMPORTANT developments are happening right under their noses), BUT they’re unaware of, and missing events happening that promise a HUGE negative impact on the lives of all including those who are believers. He calls them out as to this omission and does so because he passionately wants everyone to be fully awake.

I strongly recommend that everyone watch :




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Coincidence or Not?

Lately just to relax a bit, I decided seeing as we have kodi, to watch some tv shows I didn’t have time for back in the day so to speak, So for comic relief I watched most of the Night Court seasons shows, and even further back, I watched most of Barney Miller seasons (over the last few months of course not all in a week LOL), I recalled last year when they brought out 6 new episodes of X Files, watching them, especially the first 2 and last one, and thinking WOW! they’re really shoving it in our faces!

I happened to go back also, and watch Fringe. Now that’s a show, like the movie They Live, that was telling everyone years ahead of time, what the agenda of the elite Powers That Be, aka Illuminati and all the other associated groups we can put under the NWO umbrella, were actively working towards. When I think of the long time believers (in Yahshua Ha Mashiach) who for close to 30 years have been investigating the agenda, and probably for the first 20, were considered “out there” aka kooks, such as Steve Quayle, L A Marzulli, Dr. Tom Horn, Dr. Stan Montieth, Cris Putnam, Fritz Springmeier, “Svali” and more,  I see confirmed in these old shows, the very things they’ve been warning us against. Examples of such: Panspermia, The Impending Arrival, (of “alien saviours / overlords), hybrids (especially in Fringe where they are called “Observers) who are supposed to be an advanced race of human hybrids with tech implants that facilitate “extra powers” etc. The X Files had implants also, as part of the narrative, BUT they were only there among select men /women / boys / girls so “aliens” could control and manipulate them and their memories / narratives when they so desired.

The part of the X Files I really thought was “rubbing it in our faces” , only because it’s presented in such a way as to discredit anyone who believed it, was the part where Mulder begins to be a sceptic re aliens, ufos, etc in favour of believing that the government is really behind everything and perpetrating everything evil portraying it as UFO / alien forces (which of course they know most won’t believe). What struck me particularly in one episode, Unusual Suspects, was a high level security clearance biochemist Dr., tries to leave the black project on a military base, when she finds out they created a toxic gas they want to experiment on the populace with, she’s labeled a murderer for supposedly blowing up a lab at the base, killing 4, and she’s on the run. What stands out, is that only 3 guys who are presented as fringe kooks, hackers, etc or in the case of the FCC guy, at first, willing to help because she’s attractive and it’s presented that his sexual interest in her, is what draws him in, are the only 3 who will get involved and try to help. Mulder eventually becomes a believer too, but of course he’s presented in the show as “out there” also, mentally, gullible, too willing to believe, etc.

In another episode, he’s now a disbeliever, in what he’d previously believed, claiming it’s all the government, and he’d been deceived by being too trusting. By the end of that show, due to events in it, he’s now back on the alien etc bandwagon.

When we look around at what is being promulgated today, in preparation for the Arrival, etc, we have to wonder why we didn’t see it back then like Quayle, Horn, etc did.


In looking at Steve Quayle’s website today, news headlines links, I went to one which resonated, upon reading, deeply with me. I heartily recommend you read it for youself at

and to be honest it was the preamble Steve quoted in linking to it that caught my attention.  It basically said, no one who starts to seriously investigate to find truth, regarding what the heck is really going on, in this world, or its matrix / Babylon system, or who is really doing what and why, will end up finding out that it’s all done in battling against Yahshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ).  I have investigated the sources she mentions and much more and can verify that she’s telling the truth. I especially liked the answer YHWH gave her, when she questioned why others even loved ones, don’t seem to want to know.

Short Post

I’m posting a short post today, just to put out info that was sent to me via email. I went to the first link and read the info. My conclusions: it’s fairly comprehensive but not complete. While it’s true the 3 independent city-states do control / rule the world, they all have different roles – and over them all is the city-state of Vatican.

There are many groups under the umbrella – too many to list but some examples are Illuminati, Freemasons, CFR, TC, RIAA, Tavistock, Pilgrim House, Chathem House, Rosicrucians, Ordo Temple Orientis, Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, Jesuits (especially the head Francis), are usually well below the radar but anyone who’s read “The Secret Plan of the Order” written 1840 & available free pdf online, by Abbe Leone,  was awakened to this – also if you can watch Chris Pinto’s “Tares Among the Wheat” detailing even more of their dirty underhanded and nefarious operations.

The link to the above post is City of London

Sound the Alarm

With all we know about tech advances these days, and their weaponised applications by the Deep State / Illuminati / Globalist Elite(s) /NASA etc, we need to be even more vigilant to inform ourselves of the chicanery being perpetrated these days. Here’s a link to an article that I  found on Steve Quayle’s site in the news section, that is a cause for concern as we know the above entities at the behest of the satanic powers (a lot of the elites ie Illuminati, Freemasons, Roscicrucians, etc are Luciferian and don’t hide it), are working to alter YHWH’s highest created life form on this planet, made in His image, namely MAN. They are using a multi pronged approach, including, not limited to, the whole transgender push, transhumanism , ancient hybridisation tech once again revealed to those who desire it, by the dark powers, and much more. At any rate, here’s the link: