Tonight, just for a change, we watched a movie entitled “FALLEN”. It is based on the story of the rebellion in heaven, fallen angels, battle between good and evil, etc with of course a Hollywood twist (read “Luciferian Elite twist”).

It takes place in a special private school where “problem students” are enrolled, centering around a female, “Luce” who seems to have recurring visions, and they are dark sinister ones, that have led at times past, to horrible consequences. I won’t give out the whole story (but the main male character of interest re her, is one called Daniel Grigori – as if that isn’t so obvious).  The spin the story gives is that when Heylel Ben Shahar, (Isaiah 14 – howling son of the morning) rebelled vs YHVH, he and his angels supporting him were kicked out and sent to hell. However , there were angels that didn’t choose sides, as the story goes, and they are kicked down to earth til they choose a side. Into this mix, throw the sub plots of them falling in love with humans, reincarnation of some humans, and some fallen who are actively in service to Satan – I  guess that means they’ve chosen sides. I gathered that those choosing the infernal side, are on earth to execute his purposes in leading people to hell.

I must say it’s a novel twist on the story of the Grigori of Genesis and 1  Enoch (grigori = Watchers).

I’m not recommending everyone see it, I’m saying that it’s interesting to see just how the Infernal One is “inspiring” his people in Hollywood now that the whole Watchers, Enoch, Genesis 6 Conspiracy, last days as it was in Noah’s day, and the days of Sodom & Gomorrah.  The movie definitely presents a sympathetic view of the Fallen, by changing the real story to the unreal story line above. You see, as Enoch told us, and Peter & Jude quoted, the Fallen were all of one accord in disobeying YHVH’s laws / boundaries for them, Fallen is a term referring to all they who rebelled in whatever way, there were no neutral (ones who didn’t choose sides) angels, because as Yeshua reminded those of His days of incarnation “whoever is not FOR ME is AGAINST ME” and seeing as He and His (Our) Father in heaven are one that would also apply to Father – there is no neutral ground in the ages old war in the realm of the spirit nor in the realm of the material (earth).

Wise Advice

‘Europe is lost,’ says Rabbi Meir Bar-Hen. ‘I tell my congregants: Don’t think we’re here for good, and I encourage them to buy property in Israel’ The Jewish community in Barcelona is “doomed,” because authorities in Spain do not want to confront radical Islam, the chief rabbi of Barcelona warned on Friday, a day after […]

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He’s completely correct, as rabbi of his people, to do the right thing and encourage them to make aliyah to Israel.  The bible says in the last days there will be no safe place for either Jews or true believers in Messiah Yeshua because the rest of the world doesn’t want those who dont’ meld in to the one world syncretist religion but instead stand for YHWH the Most High God, the One True God. I saw another post there about some Jews wanting the Pope to broker peace – the Pope is a globalist, Jesuit, antiChrist, anti Israel and pro Islam  / Palestine menace.

Terror in Barcelona…A Clash of Civilizations. — L.A. Marzulli’s Blog


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L A is completely correct. It’s a clash of civilisations – he quoted Kissinger ( a globalist, member of the Illuminati elite via CFR, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, Bilderberg, etc) who of course could predict it because that’s the agenda of these elites. You see part of their worldview is Hegelian in that they subscribe to the clash of opposites model. Thesis vs Anitithesis = Synthesis. Synthesis becomes Thesis and the cycle begins anew.

Of course they’re Luciferians also, subscribers to the Gnositc mentality via “ancient mysteries” ( ie in Freemasonry) mixed with some Plato’s Republic (government by elite) to say, they’ve synthesised all this into their NWO agenda.

Last Trump / False Flag?

On my last post I pointed out that President Trump, the LAST TRUMP for America, pointed to 9-11-2017 as a date to watch for, as he started his speech at 3:33 and ended it on 3:44 a 9-11 in plain sight. Further, he gave this VA speech on 8-12 which is also an 11. As […]

In this post, Stewart poses some interesting points. As I pointed out to him in the comments, others have shared differing views re Sept. 23, moedim, (YHWH’s appointed times /seasons / signs in the heavens), and what they point to. I keep all points shared in mind with a view to the scripture “for now we see as but in a glass darkly…” meaning all those sharing are not given the whole picture and are basing their assessments on their best research, investigation, and study.


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BREAKING: “4 Storms On Collision Course With Solar Eclipse”- Video by Paul Begley

This is not coincidental! See my comment on the post.  The post is here:

Collision Course


“We may absolutely have a collision of unprecedented, Biblical proportions”
-Paul Begley

Pastor Paul Begley released a startling video today, pointing out that there are four storms out in the Atlantic Ocean.  He shared that these four storms, one of which is Hurricane Gert; have the possibility of hitting the shores of South Carolina by August 21, 2017, according to Jesse Waltman with “BP Earthwatch.”

This is a startling revelation, considering that South Carolina is the state that the shadow of the “Great American Solar Eclipse” is scheduled to leave America on August 21, 2017.

This information instantly reminded me of an open vision that Shane Warren shared with Sid Roth in 2012, where he mentioned an unnatural hurricane that cut through the “heart” of America, where money was raining from the sky- as if it was worthless.  Shortly after a great earthquake had hit the New Madrid fault in…

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Gaining New Insight Into Messiah’s Ways

Alright friends, I am about to share something that is a long story and maybe hard for some to believe but I feel it is necessary to share the entire thing with all details as I believe it is relevant to something happening right now. You might ask why I release these encounters, The reason […]

This is a fascinating glimpse of both Papa’s and Yeshua’s ability to use their servants on earth, to wreck the plans of the enemy, to replace their evil with His light, love, peace, and protection. May it inspire all of us also, to seek new heights in our relations with heaven.


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