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PRAISE JESUS PRAISE JESUS PRAISE JESUS PRAISE JESUS PRAISE JESUS This video says it all glory to GOD. Pay close attention to the healing revival at the ten minute mark to see the little boy raised from the dead! THIS IS IT!! GLORY TO GOD Note: Not sure how long this video will be…

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I watched the video and to me the most interesting part was the first ten minutes or so. The scenes with the birds, the UFOs in the night sky, the strange unearthly sounds all the while these things go on, the weird cloud formations, etc. It definitely makes one ponder as to what it all means.


‘Breaking Bad Wolf’ — Memory Hole Blog

Why American cop and whistleblower Mark Dougan turned to Russia for sanctuary Editor’s Note: This new documentary from RT features Palm Beach Sheriff Deputy Mark Dougan, a whistleblower-turned-political emigre. It illustrates the corruption of a local law enforcement agency and the very real dangers of running a blog critical of one’s publicly-elected employer. If the…

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After reading this story at the link above, (memory hole blog site), I was firstly surprised to read of Bad Wolf’s derring do so to speak, but then began to wonder what will happen to his family, will they be allowed to leave also?

I mean first Snowden, now Mark Dougan, both true honest moral patriots, felt it necessary to go to Russia. I know of all the corruption in that Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, and how officers / deputies who don’t go along with it all, mysteriously, in the prime of health, “die”. This tells me that the elite / Illuminati forces trying to take down America, who’re anti Trump of course, have ratcheted up their game (they’re getting rid of dissenters or “problem” people in the same way Clintons do).  To me this is something that past leaders like Reagan, Eisenhower, JFK, to name 3, would be thoroughly dismayed by. I just read another post, by a gentleman who’s been researching for more than 30 years and follows all trends / events with a very analytical eye. He’s saying it’s possible there will be a coup within a month to re install that anti Christ Obama. (He’s not necessarily THE AC). We know BHO set up a HQ near the White House where funded by Soros and the Illuminati, he’s been using all his commie organiser forces and connections , towards the goal of coup d’etat.

Mars – The Planet Of War & Project Redstar — lightgateblogger

TOTAL PROOF OF INTELLIGENT LIFE ON MARS!! We have just uploaded the documentary PROJECT REDSTAR, Martian Genesis” to our ANGEL FALL 923 web site for all to see FREE OF CHARGE. You don’t want to miss it for it will only be up for a short time – and then will only be available on […]

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I ordered a series from Stew several years ago, of DVDs,  that were fascinating. They were called UFO Gateway to Hell  (3  DVD), Gateway Four, (American UFO Experience), and the original Project Redstar DVD. They were instrumental in educatiing me about things hitherto unknown to me or known very superficially. I will vouch for Stew’s research as he has been doing in depth research on these things for over 30 years.

Flee Immorality — Laura Bon

Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body (1 Corinthians 6:18 NKJV) This Scripture reminds us about fleeing sexual immorality. A lot of Christians are complacent about this godly instruction, however that is a great deception. The Bible tells us…

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There’s some good spiritual meat in this post and the comments. I’m not a fan much of any of the KJV compilations but the message is still there.

The Jim Vieira Interview! GIANTS! — L.A. Marzulli’s Blog

I interviewed Jim Vieira the co-author of Giants on Record. Jim is a great researcher and along with Hugh Newman these two intrepid authors have combed the archives in museums, libraries and old newspapers and compiled what I would state may be the definitive book on the subject. I asked Jim about the deliberate cover-up by […]

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I’m sharing this for the benefit of those who may need to be better informed or are just plain curious. Myself, I’ve watched all 3 of the True Legends films by Steve Quayle, and Tim Alberino. Tom Horn also contributed. I’ve also watched, numerous times, Justen Faull’s “Hollow Earth Chronicles” film. Not everybody is as informed as I am to this would be a good place to start.

The Absurdity of The Left Wing Media — L.A. Marzulli’s Blog

Why is Hillary Clinton allowed to buy the Steele dossier from Russia, make a fortune off the Uranium One deal, & receive $400 million dollars from Browder, but President Trump isn’t allowed to meet with Russia? President Donald J. Trump Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli The mainstream media has gone off the rails! […]

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I totally agree with L A on his rant. It’s so obvious that the controlled, scripted main stram media, iw working overtime, along with the rebellious and dare I say treasonous shills in both parties, to topple this president.  I told L A though, that all one has to do is read Frtiz Springmeier’s “Bloodlines of the Illuminati” to learn why Clintons, et al, seem to be getting a free pass.

Vision: White Eagles — Tents of Issachar

I have seen several visions about WHITE EAGLES for the past many years. At present, I would like to share this particular vision with you. VISION: WHITE EAGLES 18th July 2018 I saw a convocation of white eagles, in the sky. They descended with great speed and with their beaks tapped the ground, tapped on caves, […]

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This is an interesting vision a sister shares – and as I said in the comments at her site, it’s related to not only other visions she’s had, but I think also in some way, to those of Joanie Stahl @ the aminutetomidnite blog.