Sandy Hook Parent Lenny Pozner: A Deep State ‘Cyberpuppet’? — Memory Hole Blog

Editor’s Note: This concise and well-documented overview of the lawsuit brought by Lenny Pozner against Wolfgang Halbig (2016-2018) is especially significant as it highlights the legal abuse of process and overall harassment methods used by certain parties and/or “deep state” intelligence operatives against citizen journalists whose efforts have revealed unpleasant facts and observations on the…

via Sandy Hook Parent Lenny Pozner: A Deep State ‘Cyberpuppet’? — Memory Hole Blog


I read the story at the link above, for two reasons. One, Prof. James Tracy the author/ blogger has also like Halbig been the victim of much hate and misrepresentation, character smears, etc, and was let go from his professorship (he had tenure), as a result of his expressing in his blog comments / ideas that the leftards in establishment (educational, political, etc) didn’t like.

Two, having researched Wolfgang Halbig some time ago, I know he’s a top notch PI, former school safety consultant, former cop/ detective, and he has cojones few can match when it comes to exposing truth, taking on the left / deep state / establishment and the lame stream media who are party to spreading lies and disinfo, covering up truth.

I heartily recommend going to article linked above and reading the whole story.


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