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“Performance Artists” versus The First Amendment By James F. Tracy Inflammatory radio host Alex Jones is besieged with lawsuits brought by Sandy Hook parents who claim to be “defamed” by the content of his broadcasts. America’s loudest rant monger appears to be fulfilling a central role in a broader play that could seriously undermine the…

via Strange Allies in the Fight to End Free Speech — Memory Hole Blog

While sometimes I find it hard to agree with Alex, in this case, as Prof. Tracy outlines (as he also has in previous related posts), how Alex has shot himself in the foot so to speak.  The Prof. should know as he’s done extensive research into the Sandy Hook / Sand Hoax controversy and he’s firmly in the Hoax camp. My own thinking is that Alex may be listening too much to bad advice from his lawyers (he obviously doesn’t know your lawyers don’t work for you, as much as they work for the CROWN to whom they swore oaths via their BAR admission), and that as long as they make money for themselves and the CROWN, it’s not that important for them if the client wins absolutely – they’re in the business of brokering $$ via pleas. The cost of fighting the suits of course may also be a big factor – along with the fact his ex-wife who just stomped him in court, is firmly aligned with those bring suit. Maybe she hasn’t figured out if he’s bled dry by the suits / lawyers and settlements, and if his income source is lost, then it will affect her and kids as well.

I’m sad to say, that for some people after marriage breaks up, they seem to lose perspective, and amicability, and become vengeful, acrimonius, and hateful even. Spite seems to reign supreme. They don’t understand that when manifesting / yielding to these toxic emotions and thoughts, they’re actually being manipulated by the forces of darkness, whose main delight is in destroying mankind in anyway they can via their manipulation / mind control of willing people who submit to these toxic ways.


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