Leftist Derangement

It’s interesting that when Sean asked the questions (to which Jesse got every answer correct) that Jessica kept trying to justify Obama and Hillary’s actions, or divert the topic to the standard leftard rants. It was even more hilarious to listen to her justifications for Joe Biden’s despicable comments and actions. (My personal favourite gaffe of Joe’s was when he addressed the fellow legislator in a wheelchair and told him, “Stand up Chuck”.

The best spoof of Biden as I ‘ve said in the past was comedian Steven Crowder’s, where it was based on the movie “Rainman”.  You can tell when someone like Jessica, for instance, a typical youngster of today, is so brainwashed by the leftard mantra about DJT, that they cannot even discuss issues, in a sane, logical, factual manner. Instead all they do is repeat the leftist media’s (and George Soros funded groups’) mantra. They are almost as dumb as the people who used to pay big bucks to Scientology, to hold two soup cans connected by a string, and believe that they now had the tool to “become clear”.  Next, they may put on red shoes, and keep clicking heels together, while saying “I wanna go home” a la Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, and by home they mean the America they would envision as their paradise.

They’re really and sadly, deranged, unhinged, and unfortunately incapable of rational logical thought. They talk in sound bites, all scripted,  but lacking in any real world facts or analysis.

Here’s the link to the interview: https://youtu.be/bWLE8-kQrhQ

and here’s Steven Crowder’s :



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