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Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli This is the new trailer starring Gillian Anderson of X-files fame. So here’s the deal. The opening line is this: Decades of unexplained airport sightings shrouded in secrecy. As providence would have it there was a retired air-traffic-controller at the Michigan conference over the weekend. He came on-camera with […]

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I guess the globalist elite puppetmasters are at it again. Telegraphing / preparing that which they want the masses to be desensitized to . I recall my reaction when I first watched “They Live” 25 years after its release. I couldn’t believe all the “cues” that were in that movie.  The Matrix series was in that category also. When I watched Johnny Mnemonic I just shook my head as I thought , “wow, this is almost too much””.


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Jim Vieira tonight! Sponsored by JINGOS! http://www.buyjingos.com GO TO> http://www.lamarzulli.net I’m interviewing Jim Vieira tonight on his new book about GIANTS on Record! It’s a fascinating look into what Jim and I believe is a deliberate cover-up of the giants that once roamed America!

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It should prove to be a very interesting show. I can’t get it but I’m sure he’ll upload to YouTube of Vimeo or his site