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Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CDT WE HAVE BEEN BLOCKED BY FACEBOOK – THE WAR AGAINST JESUS CHRIST, CALLED PSALM TWO IS NOW IN FULL SWING – THESE IDIOTS THINK THEY CAN WIN!! NATO, Peace & Security, Blood Moons, Jerusalem, Trump, Putin, Kim, Nukes & More… In the opening speech at NATO, […]

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I usually pay attention to that which Stew shares because he’s been paying attention, monitoring events and developments, and acting as watchman on the wall, for 35 years or so. As Paul said in scripture, “for now we see as in a mirror darkly” and thus because there’s not always total clarity given from the Ruach Ha Qodesh, (Holy Spirit) , sincere well-intentioned brothers / sisters try to share as best as they can grasp/ interpret that which they believe is revealed to them by whatever means. Having laid out this caveat so to speak, I do say anyone sharing that which is aimed at waking all the sleepers, so that they are not caught unawares, is worth our time to digest.