The Fear and Terror of the Lord — The Road

This is from the blog Richard’s Watch: Given some recent events that are making national headlines, I feel compelled to share a dream I had in 2015 in which I had an open vision of the coming days. The weight of it’s message was clear and I believe we are getting closer and closer to […]

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This is an excellent post by a brother in Messiah who shares what he was shown in a vision by Father YHVH regarding an intervention by the release of His glory. It’s not surprising that the people who were not believers in Messiah in the vision all were extremely fearful but those who were believers rejoiced.


The Kandahar Giant “RESURFACES?” — L.A. Marzulli’s Blog Rumours have been circulating for years that the American military killed a creature which was “three times” the size of a normal man. The beast was supposedly shot dead after taking “multiple hits” in the Kandahar region when troops were looking for a missing patrol. This outlandish claim, which has been denied by the […]

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This denial by Snopes especially automatically means that the story is true and they’re toeing the line of the controlled leftist mainstream media.  Snopes as I stated in my comment at the original post is run and was founded by a couple who’re about as far left as one can be in their orientation, and they automatically deny, dispute, etc anything that doesn’t fit the “party line”. As I’ve stated many times, as far as the main aka lame stream media goes, they were bought by the elite (Rockefeller, Morgan, etc) in 1917 (i.e. controlling interest was bought) in order that they could shape the media stories and thus the “news” or “info” that the populace gets, and thereby their worldview as well.

Last week I got a notification by FB that a news item I posted had been checked by snopes and deemed “false” to which I replied, “If Snopes is saying it’s false, then I know it’s true”.

Vision: Friends and Foes

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I’m reposting this from Sister Swarna’s blog because it’s a wake up call for the believers to know who and what they’re dealing with at all times. Those they think are friends and trustworthy may turn out to not be so.

Tents of Issachar

Vision: Friends and Foes

27th July 2018

(I have been seeing this vision, flash before my eyes repeatedly for weeks ).

I saw a few people hurriedly moving about, supervising and inspecting the traps which they had laid.

I saw a woman in this forest. As was her habit, she prayed as she walked.

These people laying traps knew that the woman would pass that way and they planned to entrap her.

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Info Not Reported by MSM


I received an email privately shared with me, but after looking at the content, felt it was so important, and thinking that if it also helped the senders by causing more people who want this type of info not being reported by main stream (lame stream) media, to actually contribute what they can ($) to help with the cost of the web site, the cost of having researchers / investigators to ferret out the truth not being told, etc, then it would be prudent of me to share it with you all.

Here’s the link “War Games”

Again I will reiterate, that this group is constantly being attacked by the fake news groups, the main stream media, and people who are brainwashed by those groups – the site is accused of being a Kremlin propaganda site by some or a US propaganda site by others, but in reality they desire to only inform and share what info they get from anywhere after assessing its validity.

Night Terrors For Over 40 Years: Why the Diagnosis From My Doctors Was Not Accurate — Absolute Truth from the Word of God

After listening to Jan Markell’s Radio broadcast today, the Lord opened my eyes and clearly showed me why I have suffered with what my neurologist calls “Night Terrors” for over 40 years. Before I describe to the reader how these terrors manifest in my life, I am posting Jan’s show which is entitled “The Prime […]

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As I shared in a lengthy comment on the site where Geri made her original post (at the link above) there’s a variety of reasons for such things, and a variety of manifestations. It’s also important to get to the root of the problem, whether it be a generational / bloodline curse handed down from ancestors, whether it’s thru an unwitting door in ones life which upon opening allowed a foothold by the evil supernatural powers to be established, etc. Satan’s war against YHVH God, is waged thru his attacks upon those which are created in God’s image. Namely Mankind. Yeshua said Satan as a thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. Whenever one’s health, peace, joy, etc are supplanted by illness, anxiety, fear, unhappiness, etc it’s a safe bet the enemy of our souls is behind it through his minions in the forces of darkness.

The true face of islamic slavery — News that matters

Sondos Alqattan is criticised for attacking new laws that give Filipino workers better working conditions. A Kuwaiti social media star is facing a backlash after criticising new laws improving conditions for the country’s Filipino domestic workers. Sondos Alqattan, an Instagram star and makeup artist with over 2.3 million followers, criticised new laws giving Filipino workers […]

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This is utterly deplorable! I’ve known about this for quite some time but until it’s brought to the forefront again by someone it is easy to forget this issue – especially seeing as everywhere one looks these days there’s issues. She complains how can they expect workers to stay if they are allowed to hang on to their passports? My reply is, if they’re treated well, instead of like slaves, with good pay, good working conditions, and the benefit of at least one day off per week, why wouldn’t they stay for their agreed upon term? This lady basically admits that by taking their passports, they become slaves – because they are treated badly like slaves is the reason they would leave. The other side fo the coin is, that if they left at the end of their term having been allowed to hang on to their passports, then it becomes a nuisance for these Kuwaitis to have to find and hire new staff. Thus they won’t have to if they take the passports of the hired help and force them into slavery.