Are You Surprised?

“Hate Speech” Difficult to Police Social media behemoth Facebook, with over two billion users worldwide, has issued a censorship report for the first quarter of 2018. The document states that its recently-deployed artificial intelligence censor-bots flag or eliminate over 85% of images posted containing “graphic violence.” The same techniques have been successful in addressing 1.9 million…

via Facebook Intensifies Censorship of User Content — Memory Hole Blog

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It seems the tentacles of the fascists who want to control everything to suit their narrative, to keep the people uninformed / misinformed, are trying to strangle the people’s rights like freedom of expression. For a minute imagine the tables were turned, and instead of those not on the left allowing the left freedoms all these years, they had suppressed / repressed all expression / speech that was leftist. Do you think society would’ve been better today?  I feel that everyone should respect open expression and dialogue, and be mature enough to agree to disagree,  NOT seek to shut down those they disagree with. I don’t have a picture of Mao Tse Tung (Zedonog, whatever), but if I did I would include it in this post to highlight where society is headed. I saw an article on


.In that article the Russians apparently were calling out USA for hypocrisy. They were pointing to this fake hysteria generated by false narrative about Russian interference, etc, yet nary a peep has been addressed in regard to the Chinese having executed by beheading approximately 20 CIA personnel in China.  Does that make you sit up and notice? Deep State controlled CIA also had an agent in Iran who was arrested. The US generated some phony narrative about his doings there in service of USA / CIA during the tenures of W and Obama. It said the US via Hillary found out that a plan was in action by Mueller 5 or 6 yr ago, to have a Russian billionaire pay money and use his private jet to bring the man home. She promptly cancelled it and shut it down and told Iran she didn’t care how they disappeared the man who’d served his country 30 yr and had spent 10 yr in Iranian jail.I would add that Mark Zuckerberg should change his surname to Zedong being a true “child” of Mao.


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