What To Make Of This?

When I first read the title to the post at THIS LINK I was taken aback and not sure at first what to think.It stuns one at first because;it seems so far fetched. I mean to the 21st century mind it boggles it to think this is serious. Yet thinking back to the election  campaign, I’m reminded how the Clinton campaign had Maria Abramovich lead an occult ritual of “spirit cooking” to try to hex Trump and help Clinton win. That ritual is extremely sastanic. So, seeing as the UK is avowedly anti Ttump, it is not much of a stretch once you realise that in the City of London (not London UK), is where Lord Rothschild lives,  thus is one of the top 3 tier HQ of the Illuminati, let alone their control via central banks  which enables them to manipulate nations to do their bidding, then it starts to become more believable. I’m reminded of how YHVH told seveeral of his prophetic leaders to reinforce to those in Christ His Son, to keep praying for Trump due to His knowing what was being planned vs Trump, and the level of power of the resistance by the servants of the prince of darkness. Ut was the prayers of  Christians that prevailed over the forces of darkness in the electinn so keep praying and warring against the forces of darkness arrayed vs Trump.




Heretical Preachers: The Pied Pipers of the One World Religion — Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Is your favorite preacher telling their congregation that the pope of Rome is the pope of all of us? Rick Warren has said this and he is certainly not the only one. Beth Moore and all Emergent church leaders are attempting to lead the vulnerable and immature Christians back to Rome! I wrote many articles […]

via Heretical Preachers: The Pied Pipers of the One World Religion — Absolute Truth from the Word of God

This picture may convey truth, above, but it’s not totally accurate. You see, the wolves will be “in sheep’s clothing” – they will appear to be sheep in order to perpetrate deception.

Putin’s Patience Running Out

It seems that although Putin knows Pres. Trump desires to end US involvement in Syria, that he is unable to do so because the opposing Deep State has him somewhat boxed in.  Part of the Deep State of course is the energy sector (oil for example) companies, who want Syria’s oil and gas. This was the whole reason for the US under Obama/Clinton creating ISIS / Daesh and funding, arming, and training them. Assad wasn’t about to roll over and give it away to them,. the president would like to begin a new era where the US wasn’t the international bullying busybody , by withdrawing the US from Syria. This would also improve relations between Russia and US. The globalist Illuminati /bankster agenda is to not only make $ from funding both sides of every war, but to use war as a weapon of destruction of nations, to usher in their NWO, as well as reduce the global population per their agenda outlined on the Georgia Guidestones.

I hope this post can be published as I’ve tried previously only to be denied. Here’s the LINK to the news article posted.

American People Left Clueless As China Prepares To Invade North Korea—While At The Same Time They Fail To See Their Own Destruction Coming

After reading the latest article posted at what does it mean about the rapidly changing situation in the Far East, I’m still somewhat in wonder as I ponder the strategy in the image above. The Trump doctrine is what one would expect from someone who’s swam in waters of corporate sharks most  of his life and came out on top. As I’ve stated before what people think of as countries in this world,, are actually corporations, and who better to run the corporation of UNITED STATES than Trump who’s been running corporations most of his life?

He’s the complete opposite of the communist organiser who preceded him in the White House.  Seeing as he didn’t have to solicit donations, to fund his election campaign and thereby become beholden to donors, he is freer than the majority of those who’ve filled the office of President. Here’s a fact you may not know by the way: I learned from Winston Shrout, that there are 2 types of presidents, in America. There’s the article 2 president and the article 6, with the article 2 one being President of the Republic fo the united States of America & the article 6 being president of the corporation of UNITED STATES (OF AMERICA). There apparently has never been a president under article 2.

So as I read this article linked above at what does it mean’s web site, I thought the following picture summed it up quite well:

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I read this article today at memory hole blog. so now we can add another body to the list of those suspiciously killed -naturopaths, alternative medical practitioners, bank personnel, etc.

The article is from James Tracy’s memory hole blog at memory hole blog

Here’s another whistleblower, denied a promotion (likely for blowing the whistle) who disappears mysteriously upon leaving the interview where an explanation was supposed to have been given. More than a month later his rotting body is found in a river. Hmmmm.  He apparently spoke out about the flu vaccine. It was the last thing he spoke about now.


FBI Agent Joins as Plaintiff Members of six victims’ families of the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook massacre event in addition to FBI agent Bill Aldenberg have filed a defamation lawsuit in Connecticut Superior Court naming radio host Alex Jones and well-known Sandy Hook Truth activist Wolfgang Halbig as defendants. The suit seeks damages “in…

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blade_runner_2049___wallpaper_eye_by_elclon-dbbnvxwFrom what I understand about Wolfgang Halbig he’s a thorough private investigator, and has a past background in law enforcement.  He was one of the first to claim Sandy Hook was actually Sandy Hoax. As I recall, checking into it at the time, he seemed to have evidence to back it up. Since then others have come to the same conclusion. The families were paid big $ it was discovered to participate in the hoax aka false flag. Thus by suing Jones and  Halbig, they may live to regret they ever opened that can of worms.,

I’m Actually Cheering For An EU Action


I read the article at this LINK today to get an understanding of what this GDPR hoopla is all about. Usually the EU is not my cup of tea because a) they’re mostly socialist b) they tend to stupid policies that in effect are like signing their own cultural death warrants (like the mass influx of Muslims who’re unvetted), and their politicos’ deaf ears to the peoples native to their countries. As far back as 1968 in the UK, Sir Enoch Powell investigated complaints by his constituents about being overrun by immigrants who were threatening them because they were trying to force them out of their lifelong homes, etc. He went sceptical, and came back convinced.  He started trying to rectify this to make it better for his people. The people loved him for it and get behind him. Because he was of the Conservative Party (which didn’t like his ideas, nor him) that party won the election and not long after Ted Heath (later to be found to be pedo among other things). being PM ousted Powell from the party thus he sat as an independent.  The only thing Enoch was wrong about in his projections of the impact of immigration on the UK, was the time frame it would take to make over UK into something unrecognisable by the people who grew up there or to their forefathers. He thought it would take 20 yrs but the rate of immigration was upped and as we can see now, he would be mortified by what it’s become.

Anyway sorry for the digress, 🙂 – it turns out that this GDPR which came into effect today, is a missile aimed at the mainstream US media, and the tech giants, who’ve been collecting data on everyone and not respecting privacy rights they way they should have. I advise you to check out the LINK above.