Evil Agenda re Children

Again, today at WDIM site, I read a very disturbing article about the evil elite’s agenda vs Christ, Christians, and the children.  I know they realise they can’t bring their NWO (OWG – one world govt) predicted in Revelation without destroying all the values YHWH has given to Man to have a just and free society, instead of one of enslavement, control, forced submission to the type of control Orwell so aptly described in Animal Farm and 1984.

I suggest (strongly) you go to HERE and read this post about what a former German intelligence officer accidentally discovered and what happened afterwards. It’s not pleasant. Not only he and his family, but other families too. This is what we’re going to be confronted with more and more so we better get on our knees, and start seeking for direction from heaven, as to how to war in the spirit against the adversaries.


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