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so much for my theory that he had Billy Graham murdered to start the prophecy, looks like he is good after all! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

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I’m reblogging  this because I want people to go to the original post linked to, and read my comments to Mike there.

Let me give some background – turn on the way back machine. In 1972 after I first returned from being prodigal to repentance and submission to Yeshua, I attended an inter denominational charismatic service Thursdays in nearby (approx. 50 miles ) Toronto @ St. Paul’s Anglican cathedral downtown. Merv and Merla Watson led worship and it was there I was first exposed to both scripture set to music and Hebrew style music and lyrics. As part of the worship once it started, the dancers would come dancing down the middle aisle, to the front and dance as David danced, before the Lord YHWH. THE LEADER OF THE DANCERS WAS BENNY HINN!  At that time the worship was anointed and excellent. I always think back to those days which I miss from time to time, and to Benny’s role and where he went from there. We are none of us free from error, fault, sin, or getting sucked into traps ole Heylel ben Shachar (Satan) lays for us. My dad used to tell us that the main ways that the enemy ensnares ministers / Christians is

  • booze abuse – “drinking problem”
  • love of money – mammon – seduced by wealth – for the more “prosperous” ministries
  • sexual sin – – this is a big one, in my lifetime I’ve seen a number of local ministers brought down and marriages destroyed when the pastor gets into a sexual relationship with a lady (frequently married) in the congregation. This not only ruins 2 marriages but causes people in the congregation to become disillusioned and leave
  • drug abuse – could be prescription (more often) or non prescription

So you see the enemy’s tactics don’t change and people still because of the appetites and desires of the flesh not being crucified daily as we’re instructed, entertain those desires and don’t repent / submit to Yeshua via the Holy Spirit to resist, until they actually physically give in to temptation. We see in scripture that Yeshua said, “I’ve not come to  abolish / destroy the Law but to fulfill it”. Having been trained in the best rabbinical school of His time on earth, what He was in effect saying was He came to fill it fuller in meaning thus “you’ve heard it said (i.e. the Law states) you shall not commit adultery, but I say unto you that whoever looks upon another with lust in their heart has committed adultery already”.  What He was doing was tying in one of the 10 commandments with what Father YHWH told Jeremiah, “man looks upon the outward appearance but YWHW looks upon the heart”.  By doing so, He was expanding the interpretation of the Law.  Ask yourself this: if He came to abolish the Law, does that mean He is giving us licence to commit adultery. to lie, to cheat, to steal, to covet what someone else has, to worship other gods?  Obviously He wasn’t so thus wasn’t ending / abolishing the Law. I’ve encountered believers who do get into arguments, and condemn others who still believe the 4th commandment is in force (remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy). So, if a believer keeps the Sabbath (which begins Friday at sundown and ends Saturday at sundown – remember God’s definition of “day” from Genesis – “and there was EVENING and MORNING the first day, after all how could there be daylight before light was created?), does this give other believers who worship Sunday (a Roman Catholic alteration to conform to their Sun worship – the day they worhipped and honoured Sol Invictus the Unconquerable Sun), justification to be condemning those who choose Sabbath? I realise Paul wrote to the Colossians not to dispute in vain and foolish (unproductive) arguments about eating meat or not, getting married or not, and that some esteem one day above another while some esteem every day as the Lord’s (i.e the same), but the point I’m addressing is not only re Benny but other believers whom we as believers tend to put down (condemn) when we don’t agree on something or we think they’re wrong about something. Like I said, put Matt.7 into practice in your life, “condemn not lest you be condemned, for with the same measure you condemn it shall be measured to you” – Yeshua is talking about making sure our hearts are totally in tune with Him and then as J Rufus Moseley wrote in “Manifest Victory” our judgments will be like His rooted in love and mercy.


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One-Liners by L. A. Marzulli I could care less about a bunch of pampered actors who make their living pretending to be someone else and then give each other awards for it! Thanks to decades of The Browns as Governor, California is now dead last, out of all 50 states, as a desired place to live. […]

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Christians were told to keep praying for Trump, that he needed it to survive the massive attacks from his enemies. If they’re not doing so, they better do it on overtime now. I myself tweeted Trump to question why if he intends draining the swamp, does Mueller still head a useless inquiry about fake claims? and why is Killary not in jail? and why hasn’t Soros’ assets been confiscated by Trump per his EO?

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This article was originally written in 2016. I felt the urging of the Holy Spirit to re-publish it. Original article: Most of us have heard of the false teaching called Replacement Theology. This article is for those who either have never heard of it, or have had this preached to them Sunday after Sunday and […]

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My thinking on this is, yes, it’s false doctrine, The blogger talks about Romans 11, and in that vein I ‘d point out that in that chapter we’re told that the Vine (Yeshua told the talmidiym “I’m the Vine your are the branches” ) , is composed of both natural and wild grafted in branches. The key is all branches whether natural or wild, are those who’ve been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world, after repentance, and submission of their lives to Him. There’s no such teaching that the wild now replace the natural, that the church replaces Israel, (I’m talking the Israel of YHWH not necessarily all who dwell in modern Israel) but only that all branches are as we’re told ONE NEW MAN in the likeness of the second Adam.