YHWH vs BAAL: Should God Be an “Option”? — The Recovering Legalist

Last week I mentioned in a sermon how that I believed the different baals were actually one god, not multiple deities. Because my statement sounded controversial, I thought it might be good to repost something from a while back. The following was part of a paper I wrote for a class atcTemple Baptist Seminary back […]

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I’m reblogging this as I added commentary at the post linked above. I also commented on another similar post at traildustfotm (Fellowship of the Minds) blog. In my view, I can sum up by saying that starting with Constantine, and continuing thru the Vatican / Popes,  the faith once delivered as James says, by the apostles, which was tied to the Hebrew roots of their faith, because as Paul says, to the Jews were given the oracles of God (the scriptures), was severed from those roots. The result is the rich heritage and understanding of YHWH’s covenant with MAN was mostly lost, as well as the understanding of the many Hebraic idioms and cultural milieu.


Rain Down My Righteousness — Fellowship of the Minds

Entry #6 from The 20 (+) Creation Stories in the Bible. There are many places in the Bible that can inform our understanding of how we all came into existence. This series is for your enjoyment. “You heavens above, rain down my righteousness; let the clouds shower it down. Let the earth open wide, let salvation spring […]

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A refreshing reminder of His goodness to us.

More Fuel for the Fires of Controversy

The earth is not a spinning BAAL, and BAAL Worship (the core tenet of which is the satanic lie of HELIOCENTRICITY) since the days of Nimrod and Nineveh, takes a big hit. YEAH TRUTH!! YEAH BIBLICAL COSMOLOGY. If the earth is not a spinning sphere, hurtling through space, does it mean the Holy Bible scriptures […]

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As I’ve mentioned previously, I don’t have paid WordPress so please go to the above link to watch the video. This seems to confirm the Ezekiel’s’ Wheels video that was in a previous post I did last year. However it’s food for thought.

Netflix Goes Child Porn

This should make any person with any moral values angry. Christian of not. I guess it’s no surprise that Soros owns the most Netflix shares – he’s one of the Luciferian elite who wants to destroy America as it once was and still has vestiges of, and that means to destroy morals and family values

Acceleration Radio VIDEO! — L.A. Marzulli’s Blog

I’ll be doing more “lectures” like what happens in this video in the second half of the show. I’ve got a lot of material and this is a great way to get it out to you. Here are some one-liners. The Remake of the Rosanne show stuns Hollywood! LOL! Ann Coulter calls Trump an ignoramus! […]

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I like L A and his 30 + years of investigation and hard work to uncover and illuminate that which the church and the world have both been largely ignorant of. I do take issue with his last comment “tomorrow is Good Friday – He died for us all”. Yes He did, but NOT ON A FRIDAY. You see He said that just as Jonah was in the belly of the earth (not a whale) 3 Days AND 3 Nights, and seeing as YHVH together with Yeshua and the Holy Spirit, when they created the first day, upon the creation of light the text reads “and there was evening and morning the first day”. So according to GOD the day begins with sundown and that’s why the Hebrews start the Sabbath Friday after sundown and the first day of the week thus begins after sundown Saturday. He rose from the dead after sunset on a Saturday on the Julian (now Gregorian)  calendar.  Thus to have been in  sheol  (preaching to the damned angels) for 3 nights He would’ve been crucified on Wednesday (it would’ve been a special Sabbath), and thus in the ground Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights, and the 3 days would’ve been Thursday,, Friday, and Saturday from sunrise to sunset. Unfortunately, in most churches, even those who call themselves Protestant, supposedly separated from Roman Catholicism, they didn’t cease some of the Roman Catholic (neo pagan) practices.

Another UFO Disclosure Event! — L.A. Marzulli’s Blog

Two pilots report seeing UFO in southern Arizona skies “I don’t know what it was,” the pilot told Albuquerque Air Route Traffic Control Center. “It wasn’t an airplane but it was … the path was going in the opposite direction.” https://ktar.com/story/2001938/pilots-ufo-arizona/ Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli I’ll make this post brief, which as […]

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All this ties in with what our Father revealed to Lois Vogel Sharp the other day about Nephilim, deception, and more. I posted it on my blog as well.

IDF General Virov: ‘Only a Matter of Time Before Israel Military Confrontation with Gaza’ — Michael Basham’s Mother Ship

Originally posted on Socio-Economics History Blog: Click on image for article. The fulfillment of Revelation 12 is near. Click on image for article. Click on image for article. Click on image for article. See here also: https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-03-31/five-ways-to-prepare-for-the-coming-gaza-war Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are…

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This doesn’t fall into the category of “prophetic vision” as anyone with any sanity should know it’s only a matter of time before Hamas instigates hostilities again.  Matthew 24 is increasingly being fulfilled daily – wars, rumours of wars, earthquakes of increasing frequency – especially those of higher magnitude, droughts, weather wars, mankind becoming more arrogant, proud, lovers of themselves daily, despising truth more every day, and being deluded by the Luciferian elite and the satanic agenda for the world.