Satan Rules California

I wanted to sit down and share our harrowing trip to Northern California What I witnessed, no words can adequately convey. I want to establish that I am well aware first hand of territories ruled over by Satanic principalities, from … Continue reading →

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I can recall I visited San Fran and basically Calif from Fresno to Oakland in 1997. I can remember it was still fairly clean and certainly not the number of Chinese in San Fran Joanie shares. I can’t recall seeing anywhere that looked like the hell hole Joanie says it’s become. Christians need to pray and fast to intercede to El Elyon the Most High God, so that by attuning to Him they can be empowered to vanquish the devil’s forces.


Barry The Luciferian

Isaac Green has a channel on YouTube called “Anti School“. His Anti School is also carried on The Washington Pundit blog, as you can see in the blog’s banner (click to enlarge): In a recent Anti School video, Green interviews a man who claims Obama is a Luciferian. The man’s visage is concealed from the […]

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Are We In Hell Yet?

Are we in Hell yet? There’s a UK website called Human Leather which offers belts, wallets and shoes made from human skin for sale: Belts go for approximately $15,750 each. A wallet costs approximately $14,000. A pair of shoes costs about $27,000. Below is the website’s URL and, in case it’s taken down, its archived […]

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Every day it seems I come across information that descends this present world to a new nadir. I have been busy the last several days covering a friend’s business while he’s on vacation so thus I’ve not added much content. I tip my hat and express gratitude to the new subscribers to my blog – I appreciate your choosing to do so and will continue to try to give a good range of stuff to think about.

Geocentric Analyses

Creation and Biblical Geocentricism The Old Testament is a form of legal document memorializing and declaring to all humanity God’s divine OWNERSHIP of heaven and earth. The very first verse of the entire Bible declares unequivocally that “In the Beginning GOD CREATED the heavens and the earth.” This means He, as the CREATOR OF ALL […]

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Because I find this challenges us, I’m reblogging it in order that each and everyone can go to the site via the link, and ponder it for themselves.

On Idolatry

Some time last year, I was lying down on my bed when the Lord came upon me and I suddenly fell into a trance. Immediately the Lord came upon me, I saw myself in a private Jet and I was in that Jet with the Lord. He said, ‘ I have something I want to…

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Ruminations On Yesterday

I mentioned in a comment on Mike Bssham’s Mother Ship blog at called “Flying Blind” some of the discussion a brother in the LORD and I had yesterday during our 7+ hours of sharing and discussing. I’ll start by copying it here:

“I intend to check out the whole thing Mike, but just by what you preface here, I can relate. I encounter a lot of the same type of issues. I was with a brother I grew up with, whom our family helped lead to Christ, who lives 3 hours north of me. He came down today to spend the day with me in the “iron sharpens iron” mode of scripture. We spent 5.5 hours at my place sharing and discussing, then we went to a restaurant for a buffet supper, We spent over and hour and a half there discussing (and ears at tables all around us were listening, so I guess you could say we were witnessing too), even more! I will have to make a blog post about the subject matter, but one thing I’ll mention is we talked about Christ being formed in us as believers, about working out our salvation progressively each day, and how the Body may have many members (fingers, toes, eyes, etc) but IT ONLY HAS ONE HEAD – CHRIST. We talked about how the body today is actually functioning in antiChrist mode. You see anti can mean opposing, but it also can mean “in place of”, or “instead of” i.e “replacing”. They subconsciously (I’m assuming) have opted for the ancient Hebrews model of relationship, by substituting an intermediary / go between , between Christ / GOD and themselves. He’s called “Pastor” – and they view him as the guy who gets the instruction / message / plan aka collectively “the deal” from YHWH and Christ to give them in a few minutes on Sunday. Pastors for the most part, rely on seminary / bible school education in things like hermeneutics to teach. (an aside: they don’t know that hermeneutics is derived from the Greek god Hermes who was the same as the Egyptian Thoth, god of writing, instruction, knowledge, etc)”

In our time together, some of the territory we covered is mentioned above and I’ll try to distill other topics covered.

The ancient Hebrews were set free by intervention from YHWH and He delivered them from Pharaoh’s bondage. While they’re in the wilderness YHWH descended in His glory to have a direct relationship and communion with the people. They were awed and overwhelmed (afraid) so they en masse went to Moses (Moshe) and told him that they were appointing him as the intermediary who would deal face to face with YHWH (meeting on Mt Sinai) and then bring back that which YHWH desired / instructed / commanded to share with the people. So in a nutshell, they had the chance of direct interaction with GOD but rejected it to have an indirect relationship instead. “in place of” or “instead of” having that direct communion / relationship, they settled for having a replacement (Moses as intermediary) relationship. Now we know that when Moses was up on the mountain for 40 days, they decided to replace YHWH with Molech and had a golden calf constructed that they worship and basically reverted to the worship of false gods like the Egyptians (as well as the other nations around them). Tne next stage of go between was the judges that guided Israel like in Gideon’s time. From there prophets like Samuel were in charge of relaying and instructing the people as YHWH’s representative.

Then they decided that they wanted to be like all the pagan nations around them , and told Samuel they wanted a king. Samuel took it hard, til YHWH told him, “it’s not you they’re rejecting they’re rejecting Me”.  This invites the following comment: you should be careful what you wish for, or ask for, because you just might get it. In this case they got a king, Saul, but GOD told Sam to tell them that once they had a king he was going to do a bunch of things they weren’t going to like, and once they realise that they’re not getting what they thought in a king, if they complained to YHWH Samuel was to tell them that He wasn’t listening to their complaints – He’d given them what they demanded – i.w. they’d made their own bed so to speak they now have to lie in it.

Eventually a temple was constructed. It was based on the movable tabernacle they’d been given the design for in the wilderness. It was in 3 parts:

a) the outer court where the people waited

b) the inner court where the priests / Levites offered the sacrifices and burnt offerings

c) the innermost court, the holy of holies, where no one but the High Priest could enter, and only once a year.

So we see that the people are totally removed from direct interaction with GOD,  the priests had limited interaction , and once a year the High Priest could have direct face to face interaction. Thus the result of their demands from Moses to Yeshua, was that they had established and antiChrist system, of GOD / Yeshua direct relationship being replaced by a system where they had one man (the High Priest) only, having a direct relationship – ONLY ONCE A YEAR. Now, it’s no wonder to me that due to their impersonal and distant relationship (i.e. really non-relationship) with their El that they were constantly turning away and into idolatry (worship of false gods – i.e. the demons and devils behind the physical idols). and living lives of sin. That’s what happens when you only have a vague, remote idea of what a true relationship with our Father in heaven, and with His Son, via the Spirit of God, and the Word of God, should entail.

Like Paul said in Corinthians, “these things were written for our instruction” in order that we don’t follow the example of the Hebrews of old because as Paul said, if the ministry of the letter (written first of all on stone tablets then on scrolls) invoked severe punishment for transgression, then how much more will the punishment be for transgression of His ways and will be, as given by the Holy Spirit to the apostles relating to the incarnation, suffering, death, of His Son, on our behalf, whom Father resurrected to the highest authority, power, dominion, and name, in all of creation?

It’s no different today, as there’s a system (varying somewhat from sect to sect) whereby a total dependence for the most part, in most people / believers, has been constructed so that they’ve put the onus on one man /woman to bring that which GOD / CHRIST has for us in the way of the bread of life. The result is the same also, that most don’t have the intimate direct interaction / relationship / communion with Him that He’s always wanted with us. Is it any wonder that wolves have crept into the sheepfold(s)? or that many have fallen away? or that more and more people today don’t believe He’s real or relevant to them today?

Report from Davos — Fellowship of the Minds

TRUENEWS: President Donald J. Trump Rules Davos It seems hard to dislike President Trump when he is in the room with you. This is encouraging and interesting. Jordan’s King Abdullah declared his belief that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. Happy Listening, Trail Dust ♞

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I’m reminded of Julius Caesar’s quote, “Vini, Vidi, Vici” i.e. “I came, I saw, I conquered”.

I’m not saying that DJT is thinking or saying such, or has such an attitude. I would caution him against it, thinking of “pride goes before a fall” and also what YHWH told Nevuketnetstsar when he in a fit of ego took credit for all his accomplishments, wealth, etc. He told the arrogant king, that to teach him who sets up kings, or takes them down, who prospers them, or sends into captivity, He was going to have the King lose his mind, and become like an animal for a period until he got tired of eating grass and recognised Who it was that ruled over all.