Justicia Divina 1

Well I just finished a weekend of long hours working. When I came to the blog today I saw Mike Basham’s post on Jesus dealing with his inner fragmented self. It  got me to thinking of how much of me is still fragmented – some may be aptly described as “compartmentalised” also. I chose the graphic above because scripture tells us Jesus is the Word of God (once made flesh, crucified and raised from the dead), and Hebrews says that the Word of God is sharper than any two edged sword – able to cut between sould and spirit. I realise that I need that Word as a sword to cut between my soul / spirit, carnal nature / spiritual Christ nature, and once the righteousness of Christ is severed from all the junk (spiritual, emotional, intellectual, carnal) to take His heavenly broom and sweep all that is not of Him away and fill me anew with His spirit baptism – this time with the fire also.

Jesus told the disciples that he was sending the Holy Spirit who would baptise us with / into the Spirit of Christ and also with fire. When I think of fire, I know it’s a refining agent, wherein metals, precious minerals, and other substances which contain impurities (called dross) are melted to a point wherein they somewhat liquified and then the dross can be filtered out.

Those who think the life of following Christ, seeking to grow in that relationship, is easy, that all one does is say a prayer of repentance and invite Him into their heart, then “their ticket to heaven is paid” and the rest is just coasting til one goes to heaven, are sadly out of touch. Paul said he had to put to death the carnal (old) man daily, and discipline his body & mind to pursue Christ and His will, in order to be transformed little by little, line upon line, precept upon precept. That is no easy road to walk.  I know when I think I’ve finally gained mastery over something and go for a period without yielding to it. then all too often I’ve let down my guard, my self-discipline, and I get tripped up by a snare of the enemy – who by the way, never rests, sleeps, or ceases from his assaults.

I am thankful for all who pray for me, both for my recent change in the loss of my wife, and for daily to have Jesus continue His work in me to get me to where He wants me to be  without any looking back, or taking my eyes off Him / His purpose / my goals He has for me, and then I know I will please Him and the Father as well as finally overcome that which so easily at times besets me.


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