Update Re Wife& Health


As I likely mentioned last week, we had a haematologist eppointment on Thur wherein Bernie (Bernadette) bluntly confronted the 2 of them with our research that it’s MDS. They admitted that’s 90+% what they’re looking at but they wanted to schedule a bone marrow biopsy to confirm whether it’s a low, medium, or high risk (how fast is it proceeding) for AML (acute myelo leukemia).
So she then said, “what’s the point if your conventional med has no cure? Besides chemo which you’ll recommend destroys the good cells and immune system- and the patient ends up dead in a matter of time”.
She told them she’s taking the alt med route, taking chorophyll (via wheatgrass mixed with fresh OJ – thus getting Vit C also), Bee Pollen, Vit E tocopherols, turmeric (curcumin) in capsules made by our master herbalist friend of high quality Indian turmeric mixed with black pepper for higher absorbency, and of course VitC as recommended by naturalhealth365 site. She told them we’re doing more tho’ by her taking colloidal silver to target bad cells, pathogens, etc and alkalising herself with a tsp of baking soda in water daily. Oh, and of course taking the EFAs (Efamol and cod liver oil)>
They then took 9 vials of blood for testing. They called back Friday (the next) morning, somewhat surprised because her platelets had gone from 65000 to 79000 in 3 days – about a 20% increase!
She then reiterated that she was going to continue with the alt med modalities and the haematologist said he wouldn’t argue against it as it’s working – she must be doing something right.
We  additionally agree that Papa YHWH, and our blessed Lord of Lords Messiah Yahshua, are working healing in her as we co operate with healthy building of the immune system, and targeting any pathogens. This of course is alod because of our dear brothers and sisters, in Messiah, who are praying for which we are extremely grateful.
We plan to add  to this regimen the product Immunocal which comes highly recommended by family and one friend who used it years ago to rid himself of melanoma.
Thanks for all your prayers, words of encouragement, support, and expression of the love of Messiah Yahshua by doing those things.

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