Stewart Best Addressed 2017/9/23

I have the utmost respect for Stew because he like Dr. Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, L A Marzulli, Dr. Bill Schnoebelen, Doc Marquis, and others are a special breed of believer in that for over 30 years they’ve been researching and writing / speaking about the controversial subjects avoided by most of Christianity. Topics include, UFOs, aliens, CERN, giants, nephilim, rephaim, Freemasonry, Illuminati, NWO, and so on.

That being said, I don’t necessarily agree with everything because when it comes to the moedim, aka YHWH’s signs  ie special appointment times wherein He communicates via the heavens, stars, eclipses, and even events like Nibiru / Planet X,  there are well researched and deeply spiritual believers like those mentioned above who differ somewhat in their interpretation. Not to mention the divisions of believers along the lines of pre, mid, or post trib eschatology, or amillenialism, etc.

Alexander Backman recently interviewed Gill Broussard for Conciencia Radio on YouTube, about the signs, Sept. 23, and associated topics, and apparently Gill is very studied and informed – and his view is much different than most.

I agree with Stew that watching as Yeshua commanded, and praying, seeking intimacy with Father YHWH and Lord Yahshua via communion in the Holy Spirit, is the focus that will ensure we won’t miss anything.


This special blog post is based upon the correctness of the PRE or AT TRIBULATIONAL RAPTURE POSITION that is based upon the Jewish 7 day wedding rituals (mentioned by the Lord many, many times) and Daniel’s 7th week. If that position is incorrect, then the 9-23-2017 STAR SIGN IS A POINTER TO A FUTURE […]



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