“As Above, So Below”

In reading Matt’s analysis I was reminded of 2 excellent books by 2 excelent authors which incorporate investigation into this type of thing, and into Hermes Thoth Trismegustus. Those 2 authors are Gary Wayne (Genesis 6 Conspiracy….” book, and Mark A Flynn, “Forbidden Secrets of the Labyrinth…” book. I do agree with what Matt wrote in the post below,and it’s another reason I’m very choosy about which rendering of the scriptures into English I use. I have both the Hebraic Roots Bible – A Literal Translation (from congregation of YHWH) and the Aleph Tav (pronounced eth) Cepher – again translated painstakingly from the original Hebrew with extensive research into the cultural, religious, and societal milieu the men who wrote as the Holy Spirit inspired lived in.


Source: “As Above, So Below”


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