This is an awesome post. I have not experiened anything like it but I do thank those who experience these awesome spirit interactions sharing with those of us who wouldn’t otherwise know of such things happening today

Mystic Mama Storm

“I loved you first; You loved me back.” His Love is an everlasting exchange. His love comes to us, and we express it back to Him with a sound that causes a response. An everlasting continuous echo of His voice and the voice of Creation responding to one another.

When you step into a cave or a large cathedral, sound doesn’t just sit in one place. It moves and does something beautiful or terrible. It can touch you in the deepest loving way, or it can violently shake things changing the face of this earth. In the same way, the love of God can shake us destroying structures that are unstable and clearing our hearts to be free to see in a way we never imagined. Sound can deeply pierce us causing anything from the severity of pain to the depths of deep love. Sound can also be muffled and…

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“As Above, So Below”

In reading Matt’s analysis I was reminded of 2 excellent books by 2 excelent authors which incorporate investigation into this type of thing, and into Hermes Thoth Trismegustus. Those 2 authors are Gary Wayne (Genesis 6 Conspiracy….” book, and Mark A Flynn, “Forbidden Secrets of the Labyrinth…” book. I do agree with what Matt wrote in the post below,and it’s another reason I’m very choosy about which rendering of the scriptures into English I use. I have both the Hebraic Roots Bible – A Literal Translation (from congregation of YHWH) and the Aleph Tav (pronounced eth) Cepher – again translated painstakingly from the original Hebrew with extensive research into the cultural, religious, and societal milieu the men who wrote as the Holy Spirit inspired lived in.


Source: “As Above, So Below”

Melech HaKavod – King of Glory


I made several posts about our Prince of Peace and the King of Glory which include The Other Side of the King of Glory, Interesting Corroboration of Psalm 24 and Who Is This King of Glory.  I wanted to share some inspiring songs written by brother Micha’el Eliyahu Ben David. One is MELECH HA KAVOD (KING OF GLORY) and another is MAN OF WAR – ISH MILCAMAH. So check them out!



Listen to the Doc

Nebuchadnezzars Dream


In Episode 136 of the A Minute To Midnite Show, Doc Marquis joins Tony to expound upon some startling revelations from his research and field work. A former Illuminati witch, Doc Marquis, falls back on over 50 years’ worth of occult knowledge, and takes us back to the ancient days when giants walked upon the […]

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Sunday Bun by L A


To those of you who can, add the prayer requests near the end of the post please, and may YHWH bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you and give you peace

Sunday Bun by L. A. Marzulli And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Romans 12: 2 We are surrounded by mind-thought-pollution. We are immersed in it and we see it […]

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