4 Phases that Explain Spiritual Growth Perfectly

a good observtion on the tendency of Man to affix everything into a system with labels etc and then expect that all everyone has to do is follow the formula. God is not a formula, neither are we, and He doesn’t deal with each of us with a formula

Magnificent Strength of Heart

snowflake-1245748_1920Millions of stories could fill an entire library about people’s spiritual growth. Each story is as unique as a snowflake. The Bible is a collection of stories of people who have gone before us and had encounters with God. We see patterns and similarities in the stories and create formulas. How can I have the same experiences they did? We define a formula and hope the same things happen to us, but they don’t. It’s different. That’s not a bad thing. If each story in the Bible is unique, shouldn’t we expect our experiences to be unique as well? How does spiritual growth work then?

It’s easier for a minister if people can describe their spiritual experiences in clearly defined concrete steps, preferably in line with their own theological traditions. But spiritual experiences won’t fit into nicely defined categories. Spiritual growth is not a linear process. I used to think…

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