“On Waking Angels”



Source: “On Waking Angels”

I have some thoughts to add to Matt’s. Firstly, to those who go out into the desert to wake angels, you’re not going to find angels there. 1 Enoch tells us that once the spirits of the hybrids perished, ie nephilim, that the spirits were doomed to wander the earth and the dry places (deserts) as they were neither angel nor man but a hybrid of both, and extremely wicked like their fathers the fallen angels. Yeshua said, that they look for a house (body) to inhabit and if cast out they return if they don’t find another to inhabit, to the one they were cast out of, and if it hasn’t been redeemed  /submitted to Yeshua / regenerated; then they along with 7 worse demons re inhabit the house they were kicked out of.

Secondly, while only 2 are named in the bible. Enoch tells us the names of the leaders of the fallen angels, as well as others who are still in their first estate (ie heaven).  When it comes to the unseen realm, I can think of no better authority to refer you to but Dr. Michael Heiser, who wrote “The Unseen Realm” and other books related to supernatural.


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