Ezekiel’s Wheels Video


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I had watched a video on Ezekiel’s Wheels that I found totally engrossing even though my brother in Messiah says it’s quite long. When I hear someone complain like that, I think, “That’s the trouble with people today. They’re so used to fast paced, light, “entertaining” videos / films, that something educational involving paying close attention to what another discovered through research and investigation, taxes their patience, mental endurance, and also doesn’t “excite” them enough to perservere to the finish of it.

How many today even read books? If you’re going to keep your mental muscles sharp you should be reading regularly, especially ones that challenge you, and you should watch more investigative or documentary type media to train yourself to analyse as you watch and exercise your mental muscles to develop stamina.

That being said, here’s the LINK to the video that gives a totallly different view of Ezekiel’s wheels.



2 responses to “Ezekiel’s Wheels Video

  1. Eѵening household devotions hаd been one of the important parts of
    Lee and Larry?s day. Ꭰaddy learn part of tthe story of Jеsus coming ɑt Christmas
    whіch is where he learn every yеar throughսout December so theyd ҝnow
    the teue cause for Christmaѕ, to rеjoice thе begіnning of Jesus.
    At the finish of it, Lee asҝed, ?Daddy, ԁid Jesus get
    a Ьirthday celebration efery year with pгesents and a cpown too?

    • It’s a nice story but infortunately most in the Christian community have no idea that all the feasts / festivals they celebrate are pagan having been given a coat of Christian paint so to speak by the Roman Catholic church starting mostly with Constantine, the first Pontifex Maximus (Pope). Dec 25 is Saturnalia, and is involved with the worship of the sun. It’s a pagan Roman fest – tho all ancient cultures at some point were sun worhsippers, from the time of the Watcher’s descent on MT HERMON, thru Nimrod, Sumeria, Babylon, Egypt, Persia etc – in come cutulres the sun god was Mithras, others = Ra, etc.Our Lord of Lords, King of Kings was born Sept. 11 in 3BC – see Dr. Michael Hesier’s proof in his book “Reversing Hermon”. Also, nowhere in scripture do I see commandments to celebrate His birthday annually. Next, He was crucified @ Passover (Pesach in Hebrew). Now according to Genesis “there was EVENING & MORNING the first day”. Note the sequence – before there was light, before the sun, moon, and stars were created, there was night (darkness) covering the earth. Thus the biblical day begins @ sundown. Thus the 1st day of the week starts sundown Saturda and ends sundown Sunday. So if He rose from the dead after having been in the grave 3 days and 3 nights how could He have risen Sunday morn? (the day began sunset Saturday). Just a few things to ponder

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