A Mighty Earthquake Shakes The Temple Mount And War Erupts In Israel – TD Hale’s Prophetic Dream

Whilst I’m adopting a wait and see view towards Sept 23 (rmember the big hoopla over the same date 2015?) I thought I’d reblog this for those who want to investigate further. I know Alexander Backman interviewed Gill Broussard recently for conciencia radio youtube channel and Gill has a credible alternate scenario


Originally published on: Why God Really Exists,  Author:  Meranda Devan

A Mighty Earthquake Shakes The Temple Mount And War Erupts In Israel – TD Hale’s Prophetic Dream

WOW! I just come out of a dream concerning Israel. I saw the biggest and I mean biggest pressure cooker over Israel.

It was as if a loud voice said, “place it upon the heat, for now is the season for my people to see the ancient words of my prophets come to pass.”

I saw an angel walk over to an ancient cooking fire of stones and placed that pressure cooker on top of those stones. I saw it begin to heat up and started to make a noise. Off in the distant I saw a mighty angel with a very stern look on his face. He stood there as if waiting on…

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Ezekiel’s Wheels Video


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I had watched a video on Ezekiel’s Wheels that I found totally engrossing even though my brother in Messiah says it’s quite long. When I hear someone complain like that, I think, “That’s the trouble with people today. They’re so used to fast paced, light, “entertaining” videos / films, that something educational involving paying close attention to what another discovered through research and investigation, taxes their patience, mental endurance, and also doesn’t “excite” them enough to perservere to the finish of it.

How many today even read books? If you’re going to keep your mental muscles sharp you should be reading regularly, especially ones that challenge you, and you should watch more investigative or documentary type media to train yourself to analyse as you watch and exercise your mental muscles to develop stamina.

That being said, here’s the LINK to the video that gives a totallly different view of Ezekiel’s wheels.