Truly Evil and Repugnant

When I saw L  A Blog  it brought to mind the news I’d heard a few weeks ago. I’d come across a post online or news item, that there was on the deep/ dark web a hit contract put out on Trump for 3000 bitcoin approx. (200 Million $). It seems the enemies like Soros, Obama, Clintons, deep state (CIA / NSA) and all the rich leftist bozos, like Jeff Bezos (Bozos), Zuckerberg, et al, who’ve all been either dumbed down thru their educational years to believe socialism / neo marxism as being pushed by Obama, is the ideal, (obviously not having read and understood Animal Farm or 1984), would rejoice if DJT were to be removed permanently. We already know from PIzzagate, Clinton’s email scandal, etc that they’re unscrupulous, lacking in true moral character, and many are involved in repugnant sexual sin. They’re fabricating fake news, about Russia etc, because they know DJT wants better US-Russia  relations. This also doesn’t sit well with the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned against, which is funded by the global banksters / Illuminati because war is so profitable for them. The elite have their bunkers etc, so they think they’ll be safe if nuclear war erupts. Anyone who’s read their 10 “guidelines” outlined on the Georgia Guidestones, knows that they also want to reduce the world population to about 1/2 billion – thus they have to get rid of 6.5 billion.

When you understand that all the mainstream (lamestream) media is owned / controlled by this elite, who’ve also worked methodically over the last few decades to dumb down the education system, then you realise between only disseminating that which they want the people to believe, and counting on the brainwashing in education towards socialism (really totalitarianism) that the people conditioned to reflexively march in step with whatever these elite tell them, will do so without question, thus they’ll arise against whomever they’re told to revolt against (ie like DJT).

This is a truly sad, disgusting, and repugnant state of things that exists today, and is the result of the programming to Darwinism, hedonism, evolution, atheism, and thus total rebellion against YHWH. Those who are believers should know that this is the enemy, ole Heylel ben Shahar, known as Satan, ramping up his endgame as he knows the time is short. I remind myself as well as all believers, who serve Adonai Yahshuah ha Mashiach (Lord Jesus Christ) that now is the time to be serious about intercession, and spiritual warfare. You may think the devil will honour your passivity, (ie if you leave me alone I won’t war against you), but the bad news for that idea is he doesn’t care nor honour your spiritual lethargy but takes it as an opportunity to subtly triumph over you in every way he can. As I posted recently, in Jacob’s day, even the nephilim tribes and kings of his time, knew that to come against him and his family, was sheer folly because they would be warring not only vs Jacob but against YHWH – whose reputation they well knew.



via If they Take out TRUMP I’m Out of Here! — L.A. Marzulli’s Blog


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