Somewhat Disconcerting

Well, yesterday, as we’ve been doing frequently during the last 4 weeks, my wife and I went to get results from some more tests by doctors, to a local hospital. The good news the doctor gave was that she didn’t have leukemia. However, he upon closer examination of her blood tests, said he thought that they’d figured out why her platelet count had dropped dramatically, and her white blood cell count had dropped also. He said they’d detected some kind of abnormality in the bone marrow.

So he sent her to get a bunch of xrays. While she was in there, I used my phone to check startpage seearch for bone marrow and low platelets, white blood cells. The result from John Hopkins came up MDS. In reading the details, I realised it was serious but until they do the bone marrow biopsy it’s impossible to say whether it’s at the low end of the scale or not.

When I got home, I went online to look up whether there was anything we could do as far as alternative /natural / nutritional approach to combat this. One site, naturalhealth365 had info from Dr. Charles Taylor who was an expert on various treatments for situations like this as he’d used natural means to beat cancer. Now MDS isn’t cancer BUT it can morph into a form of leukemia. What he said, was that conventional medicine cannot cure it because there’s no cure for MDS. However, the site had good information on what causes might be, what to avoid that can make it worse, and best of all some suggestions for natural approach to minimise and keep it minimised, the MDS and be able to  rebuilt white blood cell count and platelet count.

Unknown to me (I”d said nothing to her about what I’d searched and found), she was on the couch with her tablet searching bone marrow, low platelets, low WBC count and had found that MDS was a likely cause. And like myself, that chemo might be suggested (but Dr. Taylor’s info says x rays, radiation, chemo, etc, all can cause and make worse MDS), or a bone marrow transplant.  She did not however know about the info at the naturalhealth365 site they’d reposted from Dr. Charles Taylor.So I shared that with her to encourage her and allay any anxiety. Later we prayed and committed the matter to our Father YHWH in heaven , and claimed His word that his arm “is not shortened that it cannot deliver” and that seeing as He created us He was the best one to heal and repair us.

I think it’s interesting that another site that Drs. Julian Whitaker, Dr. Carol Dean, and other Dr. who have not only MD conventional med cred,  have studied and are experienced in alternative med also. So while we look to Papa YHWH to heal I remember what J Rufus Moseley shared in Manifest Victory, how it’s always important to also do what you can to help your health.


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