“Wonderful Things Can Happen in Those Moments of Time when you ‘Hold On’ and Don’t Let Go!”

Thanks to Mike for reminding us that we positively have good reasons, being believers redeemed by Yahshua’s sacrifice, for being positive. Negativity does nothing to solve any problems / issues, nor does it help to minister to others, nor does it minister life to us when we most need it. All the forces of negativity, ie discouragement, resentment, bitterness, self-pity, depression, etc are all “fiery arrows of the devil” and we’ve been given the shield of faith to knock them away, and the sword of the Spirit to drive the enemy away. This ties in with what I posted recently in a post where I shared with a brother what Wendy Alec was taught by the Father when she was overcome for a while with doubt and mistrust.


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