Grave Sucking

I concur totally with what Matt is sharing on this topic. I have purchased the online viewing rights @ vimeo to True Legends 3 Holocaust of Giants so that I can watch it anywhere I can access the internet. I recommend the whole True Legends series. Dr. Tom Horn, Steve Quayle and Tim Alberino, venture to many locations worldwide to uncover knowledge that agencies like the Smithsonian have been actively involved in covering up for over 100 years. I watched the 4 part series on Skywatchtv where Derek Gilbert was interviewing Tom, Steve, and Tim and was shocked to hear Tim say that Smithsonian has been involved in secreting about 150 MILLION artifacts! Apparently the Roman Catholic church in concert with other agents, has been involved in Sardinia, Peru, and other places in doing the same thing. That’s why I found True Legends 2: The UnHoly See excellent also.

I thought it amazing that the Indians in the American Southwest opened up to them as much as they did. For the Indians to tell them that monthly they do rituals at the Stargate (portals) locations) and entities come forth that they commune with, and these entities seem to be able to traverse these portals freely (well when invoked for sure they do), and that they foretold things like 9-11 to the Indians, let’s just say it caught me by surprise. Now, Tim, Steve, and Tom, took great pains to state they don’t recommend this practice as it’s occult, but that they cited it as part of what they learned in interaction with the Indians.

Grave sucking as Matt points out, is also occult, and one opens oneself up to serious deception and demonisation by these types of practices.

Source: Grave Sucking


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