The Other Side of the King of Glory

Originally posted on SimpleTruth: Regardless of this strife-torn World

Yes He is the Prince of Peace, and the King of Glory, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, but as I previously posted, He’s not some wimpy Prince of Peace. The scripture warns us, “Behold both the severity and the goodness of  Elohim” so we’re plainly told that He’s merciful, good, loving, and patient as He waits for more to come to Him to be redeemed from the kingdom of darkness, BUT we can also see in scripture, that He is Judge of all, both living and dead, who will stand before Him as scripture tells us, to be held accountable for the lives we live here on earth, and whether of not we submitted to Him while here, to make Him our Lord and Saviour.  Let’s not forget also that judgment comes also before that final one, as He deals with the state of things here and now. In 2 Chronicles 7:14 we’re told that “If My people, which are called by My name ….” (note: they should examine themselves to make sure they’re not taking His name, in vain, because they’re not being obedient to His explicit commands in His Word), which is also pointed out to us in the “New Testament” by Peter, wherein he reminds, “that judgment must first begin at the House of God”.  So it’s up to us while on earth to decide whether we want to submit to Him now, and learn to obey His commands, in the same way the scripture says Yeshua learned obedience even to death on the cross (even in the garden He agonisingly submitted saying “nevertheless not My will but Your will be done”). There’s much more I could add but will save for later. I just wanted us all to remember that He is both a Prince of Peace and a Man of War.


via Jesus is the Prince of Peace! – Only through Him can we have peace! — StarSword


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