In the book of Yashar (Jasher) the story unfolds in greater detail, than Genesis, about the incident where a Canaanite raped Diynah daughter of Jacob (Ya’aqov) and what resulted from it. It seems that Shimon and Levy (Simon and Levi) were so indignant at this outrage perpetrated on their sister, that just the two of them went to the city where the offender and his father lived, and laid waste to the city leaving only some women weeping. When their father Ya’aqov got upset with them for it, fearing that retribution would be terrible upon them for what his sons had done, they replied, Why are you afraid and distressed? Why are you displeased?  Why is your anger kindled? Surely our ELOHIYM Who delivered into Shimon’s and Levy’s hands the city of Shekem and its people, He will also deliver into our hands all the Kena’aniy Canaanite) kings who are coming against and we will do unto them as our brothers did unto Shekem. Now be tranquil and cast away your fears, but trust in YAHUAH ELOHAYNU (YAHUAH our God) and pray unto Him to assist us, and deliver us, and deliver our enemies into our hands”.

I’ll pause here to insert my observations. Notice that the sons of Ya’aqov had no fear (those coming against them included 7 Canaanite kings and their forces, including Emoriym (Emorites), who were as outlined in Genesis, Nephilim. Note their reply to their father telling him to quit being worried, anxious, fearful, and to put his trust in YAHUAH ELOHAYNU.

Next both their father Ya’aqov and their grandpa Yitschak (Isaac), prayed to YAHUAH to come forth with His arm that is not shortened that He cannot deliver, and to bring victory for them as they are greatly outnumbered. Here’s the way He did it as we read what went on in the enemies’ camp.

(The counsel they get from their advisors)

“Are you silly this day? Or is there no understanding in you that you will fight with the Ivriym (Hebrews), and why you will take a delight in your own destruction this day? Behold two of them came to the city of Shekem without fear or terror. And they killed all the inhabitants of the city, that no man stood up against them,  and how then will you fight with them all? You know that their ELOHIYM is exceedingly fond of them and has done mighty things for them such has not been from the days of old, and among the elohiym of the nations there is none who can do like unto His mighty deeds. Surely he delivered their father Avraham, the Ivriy, from the hand of Nimrod, and from the hands of the people who had many times sought to slay him. He delivered him (Avraham) also from the fire into which Nimrod had cast him, and his ELOHIYM delivered him from it. And who else can do the like? Surely it was Avraham who slew the five (Nephilim) kings of Elam when they touched (captured) his brother’s son (Lot), who in those days dwelt in Cedom (Sodom). Avraham took his servant that was faithful in his house, and a few of his men, and they pursued the kings of Eylam, in one night, and killed them, and restored his brother’s son all the property they had taken from him. And surely you know that the ELOHIYM of these Ivriym is much delighted with them, and they are also delighted with Him, for they know that HE DELIVERED THEM FROM ALL THEIR ENEMIES (my emphasis).

…And have you not heard what their ELOHIYM did to Phar’oh king of Mitsrayim (Egypt), and to Aviymelek king of Gerar, through the taking of Avraham’s woman  who said of her she is my sister, lest they slay him on account of her? And we ourselves saw Esau the brother of Ya’aqov , with our eyes, came to him with 400 men with the intention of slaying him ….who delivered him from Esau’s hands but his ELOHIYM in whom he trusts. Who does not know that is was their ELOHIYM who inspired them with strength to do to the town of Shekem the evil you’ve heard? Could it then be with their own strength only that 2 men could destroy such a large city as Shekem had it not been for their ELOHIYM that they trusted? ..And can you then prevail over them with those who’ve come forth together from your cities to fight with them?  Even if a thousand times more should come to your assistance, surely you know and understand that you do not come to fight with them, but you come to war with their ELOHIYM , and you have all come forth this day to be destroyed?”.

So we see that even the heathens confessed that YHWH was able to deliver, to perform mighty deeds / miracles, that no other gods (elohiym) of the nations could do. The counsellors are warning the Nephilim armies and their kings, that no matter how many thousands of them go to war with the sons of Ya’aqov, they go their own destruction for they go to war not only with them, but with their ELOHIYM YAHUAH who as Psalm 24 says is a “man of war and mighty in battle”.

I quoted from chapters 34 & 35 of the book of Yashar in the Cepher Bible (also known as the eth ie alpeh tav, cepher /sefer).  I refer to this version a lot for these reasons:

  • It’s been painstakingly translated from the Hebrew by the scholars at like Dr. Steven Pidgeon et al.
  • It retains all the Hebrew names for the peoples, and for YHWH – all His titles such as YHWH ELOHAYNU, YAHUAH ELOHAYKIM, YAHUAH ELOHAI, YAHUAH MEQODDISHKEM, as well as RUACH ELOHIYM, RUACH ELOAH, RUACH HAQADESH, RUACH YAHUAH. Note: the Hebrew word for spirit is ruach, and it can be translated “breath” or “wind” also (like on the day of Shavuot in Acts when He came as a might rushing WIND).
  • It retains His Son’s name YAHUSAH HAMASHIACH (which can also be YAHSHUA HAMASHIACH or YESHUA HAMASHIACH) – in Hebrew there is no vowels hence the alternate spellings (which means YAHUAH is also rendered YAHWEH)
  • It contains 87 books not 66 because it includes all the historical, apocryphal, pseudepigraphical books, which are useful as in this case of Yashar for gleaning more perspective and details. Though I would argue that some, like Enoch (Hanok), 2 Baruch, and 4 Ezra are quoted by Yashua and the apostles so they must’ve considered them important.
  • Lastly the translators have kept the divine signature intact wherever it occurs in the Hebrew. That’s why it’s called the eth (aleph tav) cepher. In Revelation, when Yahshua is speaking to John in Hebrew, He said to him, “ I AM the Aleph and the Tav…” – which besides being the first and last letters of the Hebrew aleph beit, contain much more meanings than the Greek translation “alpha and omega”.

I realise this has been a long post, but I felt I had to share what I was reading in Yashar, in regards to our God (ELOHIYM) being ‘a man of war mighty in battle’ so much so, that the pagans feared Him recognising that none of their elohiym could do what He can do.


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