Thoughts on Mike’s Post

This doesn’t surprise me at all. It confirms the investigations of L A Marzulli for one.  I just watched (re watched too) the True Legends 2 (The Unholy See), and True Legends 3 (Holocaust of Giants) with the latter being part of the Unearthing the Cloud Eaters investigation now released in book form (of the Unearthing …. title); I am quite informed on this subject thanks to Dr. Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, Tim Alberino and L A Marzulli.

Both my wife, and I, were startled in the 3rd installment when one of the 3 (Horn, Quayle, Alberino) told Derek Gilbert (the host). that the Smithsonian has either disappeared so to speak, or covered up by secreting away out of public sight / access, 150 million artifacts such as bones of giants, skeletons etc, and in Sardinia the catholic church has done the same sort of thing.

I don’t make the subject my primary focus anymore, because just like those pertaining to the globalist elite, Illuminati, Jesuits, Secret Societies, etc, I’ve done more than enough in the past few years that I  turned my focus to “how does YHWH want me to integrate what I’ve learned thru research, thru studying more extensively His scriptures, and study of scripture related topics such as eschatology, into attaining as Paul wrote ‘to the full stature of Messiah Yeshua’ ie to become a more effective, mature, spiritually empowered minister of Messiah Yeshua?”.IMG_4029-0


Originally posted on Ancient Patriarchs: By Staff Writer – Intellihub Remains of an ancient race of giants were reportedly uncovered on Catalina Island in the early 1900’s CHANNEL ISLANDS — Between the years of 1919 and 1928, archeologist Ralph Glidden claims to have discovered the ancient remains of a race of giants which may have…

via Remains of thousands of giants found in Channel Islands off coast of California between 1919-1928? — StarSword


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