Yahshua Triumph Over Evil

I recall in 1972, in Toronto, going to a charismatic meeting led by Merv and Merla Watson, wherein they pioneered  the incorporation of Hebraic elements, including worship into the services. They had musicians like in the Psalms and also dancers who would dance before the King (YHWH) just as David did in his time. The lead dancer, was Benny Hinn, long before he went into evangelistic ministry. Over the years he’s weathered some big difficulties, fearsome attacks by the enemy, and for a while, separation in his marriage. EL ELYON, THE MOST HIGH GOD, brought the prodigal back just as He’s done in my life so many times when I fell off the path. As Yahshua said in Wendy Alec’s presence to another well known evangelist who’d fallen, after he said to Yahshua, “I’ve fallen so far”, He told the fallen one, “Yes but not so far that My arm cannot reach you” (confirmation of the scripture “His arm is not shortened that He cannot deliver”).

Originally posted on Warriors Without Borders: A powerful and inspiring Benny Hinn moment where a woman possessed and haunted by a demon of witchcraft is set free at a Benny Hinn meeting. I also heard a testimony a while back where a former Satanist involved with the Satanic Illuminati was converted to Christianity after attending…

via Benny Hinn destroys Illuminati Witchcraft Demon in Jesus Name! — StarSword


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