L A on Fatima (added thoughts)

I reblogged a post of L A earlier, on Fatima. I added this one because he asks questions that any truth seeker should ask, and he seems to be getting a lot of negative email about it.

I believe as Father Ferriera apparently did, that the apparitions were workings of satan, to deceive and he apparently succeeded very well. As to the official stance and actions of the RC hierarchy,  that should come as no surprise as they’ve always sought to seize upon anything which would further dependence by its people on the “Mother Church”. As Dr. Tom Horn as pointed out with Cris Putnam in their Exo Vaticana and Zenith 2016 books, they’re still busy constructing false narratives that they seem to want all to believe over the truth written in the scriptures. They seem so eager for this “arrival of the aliens” who they seem to believe (along with other deluded souls not wanting to submit to the truth of YHWH’s Lordship and revelation through His written Word), that whole panspermia doctrine – that this planet was seeded by a superior alien race who brought MAN along so far then left for innumerable years, but are now so concerned that they feel they have to return to guide us to the next level of evolution.

I agree with the title of the book, “I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist”, but would add also “to believe in evolution” because there’s no proof and it’s become a religion.

Back to L A & Fatima: I ask you to ponder with an open mind the points he raises. Remember we’re warned that the enemy can manifest lying signs and wonders – to the point where Yeshua even said where even the elect could be deceived.



« The good priest grew more and more displeased and perplexed concerning these events until, one day, he left the parish. The news then went around that His Reverence had left on account of me. » In fact, as Father Alonso points out, he had also run into numerous difficulties with his parishioners regarding the construction of […]

via Fatima – The Priest who went Missing? — L.A. Marzulli’s Blog


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