L A examines Fatima



L A Marzulli is used to controversy as he’s been one of the Christians who’s at the forefront, along with Steve Quayle, Dr. Tom Horn, Tim Alberino, and the late Cris Putnam, of investigating topics like UFOs, Nephilim, Giants, Antarctica, “aliens” aka devils, GRIN tech (Genetics, Robotics, Information, Nanotechs)  – i.e. like DNA manipulation  / editing including genomes, via CRISPR to name a few. Thus it’s not really a big step for him to investigate Fatima and the apparitions supposedly manifesting there.I do know that the enemy of MAN, ha satan, is capable of lying signs and wonders manifesting, in the sky, air, and through people as well. I have utmost respect for the integrity and sincerity of L A ‘s research.


Commentary by L. A. Marzulli At the heart of the Fatima phenomenon is an event that is called “The Miracle of the Sun.” Here’s the back story. The three children had seen something, an apparition, a “Lady from the sky” for about 5 months. The clergy and others asked the children to go back to […]

via The Miracle of the Sun — L.A. Marzulli’s Blog


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