2015-10-28_18-05-06I had brunch with a brother in Messiah today. We discussed many things. We discussed, for instance, a sense he’s been having in his spirit that something is going to happen wherein the power of the Holy Spirit is going to “break loose” and many are going to come to Messiah, be healed, be delivered,  be born again of His Spirit thereby becoming sons / daughters adopted by the Father YAHWEH, into the kingdom of the Son of His love, as one author in scripture puts it, the kingdom of light.  He expressed to me that he was looking forward to that, because as far as he ascertains, there hasn’t been much evidence in the “church” ie believers, of it.  We don’t see, he said, healing or deliverance or miracles or demonstrations of the Spirit of YHWH’s power, because people go away unhealed after prayer, not many are being led to Christ / Messiah resulting in their making Him King & Lord in their lives, and he felt that there was a lot of religion (man created ritual(s) / perfunctory adherence to routine(s) etc. He did mention that his sense of this, is that it will be precipitated by some world event. I offered my thoughts saying, yes, I could see that, and anyone who’s paying any attention at all, didn’t need to be told that the believers’ assembling together were largely anemic and uninspiring. I did point out that J Rufus Moseley, author of Manifest Victory, shared he’d learned that obedience is the organ of revelation in the Spirit (and of course Saul was told that by Samuel), and that besides Yeshua, in His incarnation, all the apostles taught that if we claim to be His redeemed ones, the we ought to walk as He walked (1 John 2), and that if we say we love Him we should be obeying His commandments. I mentioned that it seems to be a pattern, that when believers are very persecuted, ie when it costs them to follow Him, that is when the Holy Spirit seems to most evident in moving in power.

We also talked about how the scriptures teach that trials and temptations are allowed by our Father, in order that we be refined as by fire, so that all the dross (impurities) are removed leaving us as pure gold so to speak. I mentioned that Wendy Alec, after going through 3 years of heavy trials, suffering a large scale attack by the enemy, after being healed, was dealt with by our Father in love, where He addressed her harbouring deep down, doubt manifesting as “I don’t know if I can fully trust Him anymore because why did He allow me to go through all this?”.  Father explained to her that the prosecutor (accuser of the believers) had requested in the Royal Court of Justice in heaven, to sift her saying she only served Father because of the hedge of protection He put around her, how much He blessed her, etc.  She interrupted Father to say that we’re taught ha satan was thrown down from heaven. Father agreed, yes he was, so he doesn’t inhabit here anymore, BUT in his function as chief prosecutor / accuser, he still has access to the Royal Court, and he’s there every day accusing. Father told her He was going to have her write a book to correct some bad theologies / beliefs on earth.  The book is “visions From Heaven – Visitations To My Father’s Chamber”. Father told her she didn’t fully trust Him, and He knew what was in her innermost being re the doubt & trust issues. When she confessed He removed them as well as all the hurts and pains she’d been carrying unnecessarily inside her. She was also shown in a visit with Yeshua / Jesus in the spirit, to various believers / ministers who’d allowed themselves to be damaged heavily, that His arm (ability) to deliver and restore wasn’t shortened as scripture says – that He could still deliver and restore if they so desired , evidenced by their willingness to confess their sin, admit their wrongs, ask Him to forgive them and thus by their will, make the intervention  by Him and through His power, deliver and restore them. He did tell the one fellow though, that there would be a heavy price to pay on earth, as he publicly confessed his secret sins (the guy was a very prominent in the public eye, leader  / minister), and thus began to walk out his repentance (change of direction in his life).

I posted earlier a link to Mystic Mama Storm’s testimony of her healing and deliverance from a state of deep brokenness. I told my friend about that, along with the above testimony of Wendy’s , and told him that to me, this was hugely encouraging, because it means that we can “cast all our cares (everything) on Him and take His yoke upon us for His burden is light (because He empowers /strengthens us to bear it), if we only trust Him to do so in our surrendering of it all to Him. I speak as one who has had to rely on this a lot over the years because there were times I went prodigal, there has been many times also, that I fell into the ditch so to speak, off the path of the straight and narrow, and I’ve had to take Him at His Word, that He would pick me out of the ditch, clean me up, and walk with me again as I started back on the path. I praise and thank Him (and Father) for their love for us (me) so amazing that they answer as soon as we call upon them for help.

Among other things discussed today were, how to handle ungrateful people and people who take, take , take, without giving in return.  We may sow good seed into another’s life,  and maybe not see any good fruit, or get the impression (not wrongly) that once they drained what they wanted from us, they leave without giving in return. I know of some brother in Messiah who people have come to for help in dealing with the matrix (this end times Babylon of commerce described in Rev. 18:1-13) and the legal system (merchant law) that governments have trapped people in. Having got what they wanted, they don’t express gratitude in anyway. Now, to be clearer, some of the advice given, was the result of many months of investigation, research, and study on the part of the giver. The receivers, were saved the expense of  lawyers, and the information gleaned was of great use in them winning their claims / cases – with monetary judgments too.

The givers were unemployed at the time, and would’ve had much use in receiving the promised payments, to pay their own bills. Unfortunately the givers based upon the above scenarios, have decided that they are not going to be so free in the aid to others but instead tell them, “I’ve sacrificed much in learning the necessary information / principles etc,  while you enjoyed vacations, golf, entertainments, etc. Now you come to me expecting me to bail you out, or to hand you some kind of outline you can follow?”.

Now, as believers, they’re accountable to Christ for everything, thus I’m not judging them, though I can to a degree comprehend their positions. I shared that when we sow seeds the Word teaches us that “one sows, another waters, but YHWH gives the increase”.

Now according to His Son Yeshua, the harvest (reaping) can be 30, 60, or 100 times that which was sown. But again I will point out, it’s His sovereign decision as to what measure will result.  But also, those who receive seed, and don’t sow, are like the fellow Yeshua described, that having got 1 talent (coin) buried it in the ground, and didn’t invest whereas the other 2 guys who got 5 coins and 3 respectively did invest, and doubled the money. I realise He was saying that He plants His Spirit in us, distributing as Paul said in Corinthians the gifts / talents / abilities to perform our function in the Body of Messiah,  with the expectation we’ll yield to the Spirit’s guidance, allowing ourselves to bring forth good fruit. At any rate, we’re not responsible ie He’s not depending on us in our own might, for bringing forth the fruit. Besides we may be planters, and He’s going to use another to water in order that YHWH gives the increase by His Spirit.

Well I’ve been quite long-winded today  so I’ll break here and possibly add more another day.

Image is from Lightgate blogger’s blog aka Stewart – much thanks.


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