Off Planet Dream with Robot AIs!

I agree with Mike! Yahshua teach me how to let go of my way to allow you to take me places I’m not open to going at present, that I too may learn how to overtake the Enemy, Heylel ben Shahar, and his forces, and so You can show me great and mighty things I know not now


This morning I had a conversation with a sister about how wonderful it would be to be engaging the Spirit Realm in full and making use of our spiritual weaponry to serve the Lord.  So often it’s easy to lose sight of our destiny and what we’re capable of during our day to day life surrounded by the present darkness and just overall problems and inconveniences.  What if we could open ourselves up to God to where He could just take us somewhere to work for Him?  I know there are many practical things we can do daily such as praying, meditating and reading the Word as well as getting prophecies, but after we do all we can, the rest is in His court.   Below is a little dream I had this morning followed by my prayer and prophecy.  Assuming there could actually be off…

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