Some Important Info

Today I watched 2 YT (YouTube) videos, on the channel aminutetomidnite in which Nathan Leal was interviewed about some highly important results of research he’s been doing on current events. Nathan as I probably have shared before, has a site called thewatchmanscry.

Nathan mentioned that while other “watchmen” were busy warning everyone about things like giants, cover up of true history, nephilim, UFOs, aliens, coming alien deception, CERN, and a host of other things, (he didn’t demean them or say the topics weren’t relevant, but what I perceived was that so much attention is focused on these but VERY IMPORTANT developments are happening right under their noses), BUT they’re unaware of, and missing events happening that promise a HUGE negative impact on the lives of all including those who are believers. He calls them out as to this omission and does so because he passionately wants everyone to be fully awake.

I strongly recommend that everyone watch :




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