Thoughts – June 2017

Today I reposted a blog post from Mystic Mama Sue about Underground White House Redemption. I thought it would balance the post previously about Jay Parker and the Satanic 34 million.

In spiritual warfare, I, like most, have not experienced visual / auditory interaction with Papa YHWH or Yeshua. BUT, I do get encouraged and thus do share, encouraging insights from those who have / do.

So many believers today, who’ve not experienced what others have experienced or do experience are sceptical of “the whole idea”. I’ve been told I’m too gullible for accepting these types of sharings from others. I tell people, I would rather be OPEN to whatever heaven is doing and sharing, (checking it against the scriptures is important though), than to discount that people today can still have visions, dreams, revelations powerful interactive visitations in the Holy Spirit, etc, and thus harden myself. I look at it like this, that if I’d had any such experiences I too would love to share to encourage or instruct others, and would be saddened somehat by them being rejected out of cynical unbelief by others.

I am as Paul said, “not counting myself as having arrived, so to speak, but continue to press on towards the high calling in Messiah Yeshua that He called me for, even when I’m not sure what exactly that is, in order that as Paul said, I might finish the race set before me. I would hope at times I can also encourage others to perservere at doing that for their life in Messiah for the race He calls them to run.


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