Musings of Late

Well it’s June 1 2017, n the pagan calendar year but the 5th day of the 3rd biblical month 6017 although the rabbinic calendar shows month of Sivan 5777.  There’s 240 years difference because of an omission by the rabbis explained by Michael Rood, Dr. Bill Schnoebelen, and others. At any rate seeing as we got that out of the way, I have some thoughts after a meeting with a brother over breakfast yesterday.

We discussed a range of topics, of current interest including what scripture teaches about “being saved”. We talked about how the “churchianity” mentality is that someone makes a profession of faith, publicly, (like going to the altar at an altar call) and asking forgiveness for sin(s) , and “asking Jesus/ Yahushuah into their heart”. Then what typically happens is that eventually they either “fall away” or become pew warmers being fed baby food which they become accustomed to, and don’t expect nor desire anything else UNLESS the Holy Spirit working on them creates a desire to seek a deeper walk, which could be begun by making them aware of a “something missing” or making them aware of dissatisfaction with the humdrum routine of “Churchianity”.

Unfortunately the vast majority seem somnolent (asleep) with no desire to be awakened. This I said was a major factor as to why many people have no desire to know Yahushuah / Jesus as they are not attracted to what they see is boring, dull, unexciting ritual. What got people’s attention in the early ecclesia, was the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit working through the apostles as they “turned the world upside down” as scripture records. The “explosive power” of the Holy Spirit, called “dunamis” in Greek (from which we get “dynamite”) was a living testimony in their lives. Let me ask, when Jesus / Yahushuah walked this earth, did He exhibit a powerless, weak, asleep type of life?

NO! He didn’t. Thus John said in 1 John 2 for an example, “that those who claim to be His, begotten anew in spirit by the Holy Spirit in regeneration, OUGHT TO WALK EVEN AS HE WALKED” (my emphasis and verbiage). This of course brings up what my brother in Messiah was also asking. Is a one time profession of faith, confession of sin, “asking Jesus into one’s heart” all that’s required to ensure your ticket to heaven? I told him, that my understanding over the last few years as I studied the word under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit, is that we’re to grow into the fullness of Him who redeemed us, and His desired plan for our lives, much as when a baby is born in this realm, the parents don’t expect that it’ll stay a baby forever. I think of Paul’s words, to the Philippians, wherein he said, despite all he’d accomplished for Christ, despite all his spiritual growth and experiences, he DID NOT COUNT HIMSLEF AS HAVING “ARRIVED” BUT RATHER HE PRESSED ON TO THE HIGH CALLING IN ORDER TO RUN THE RACE TO THE FINISH LEST HAVING RECRUITED OTHERS HE HIMSELF FAILED TO FINISH THE RACE”.

You see, Paul wasn’t about to “coast” through his life til he could “get to heaven” with his “ticket”.

Next, my brother brought up some thinking he’d been doing due to some passages of scripture he’s been reading in Thessalonians. He said it appeared to him, that when a Christian dies, they sleep til the trumpet sounds and Christ returns. (and he also quoted “no man has seen God (Father YHWH) at any time, except He who came forth from the Father (Christ)”. I said that I interpret what happens post- resurrection of Christ, is that the body sleeps but the spirit to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. At the parousia, the bodies of those who died in Him will rise up from the ground, to be caught up with Him in the air, and in so doing they’ll be transformed as Paul said in Corinthians, “in the twinkling of an eye” into their immortal bodies like His when he appeared post resurrection. The bible does say that He is the first fruits of those risen from the dead, that He was the seed that went into the ground and died that it might bring forth much fruit. Besides all this, YHWH told Aaron the High Priest, that He spoke to people in dreams, and visions, and through prophets, BUT WITH MY SERVANT MOSES I SPEAK FACE TO FACE. So how could anyone say no man has seen the Father?  My Hebraic Roots Bible – A Literal Translation, says in Genesis, that Abraham recognised YHWH as one of the 3 “men” who dined with him, while YHWH made Abe aware of His plan for Sodom & Gomoorah, allowing Abe to negotiate Lot and Lot’s family’s salvation from destruction. The scriptures teach that pre crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Christ, Lazarus was in “Paradise” and the rich man was in “Hades” with a chasm between them. It then says that when He was bodily dead but spiritually in this compartmentalised place, He preached to the spirits of the fallen angels imprisoned, but when He arose He led the spirits of the righteous dead, out of there ascending with them to heaven. It was that point the Holy Spirit brought to my pal’s remembrance, that Moses and Elijah were with Yahushuah on the mountain during His transfiguration. How he reasoned, could this be, if they were supposed to be “sleeping til parousia”?

We parted with the understanding we’ll get together next week to further our discussion on such topics as Rex Deus, Gnostics, and more.


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