Powerful Recounting of Elisabeth’s NDE

Episode 127 of the AMTM Show. This is a “Must Hear” NDE experience that has one of the most important End Time messages we have ever published, revealed in it. We believe it is of great importance that all should listen to this. You WILL be impacted by it. It is the testimony of Elizabeth […]

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How to Vanquish Set

Set 92. (Mama:) We know that there are many reasons the Lord allows us to go through afflictions–and He has given very good answers and counsel in the “Comfort in Affliction” GNs, as well as the FJWL books, that explain many of the benefits of affliction and how He uses it in our lives. 93. […]

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Lost in time.. .

Ginny has a wonderful way of uplifting others

Ginny Brooks

For those who wake up every morning

Try to make yourself look nice, but carry the unworthiness and shame around like a heavy lead blanket.

To those who are approaching the end of their lives and still have no idea how they went from 12 to 80 so quick.

For those who have felt abandoned by God , by family, by friends.

For those who felt you had to do this, and do that, to be someone in this world.

For those that held on to something until it broke, and still hold on to one last sliver in their hand.

For those that never changed their hairstyle for 50 years because that is the only image they knew of themselves to be true.

For those that realized too late that their collection of glass dolls never made them happy.

For those that never knew who could free them of…

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On Healing Deep Trauma

Today I read a post by Sis Sue (Mystic Mama) that I believe everyone should read. It is deeply intimate look at how some very deep trauma in her life, which was hindereing her from spiritual growth, physical and mental / emotional health, was dealt with and overcome. I also posted a comment relating to deception being perpetrated by Pharmakeia which is not aiding people’s health, but increasing their risk of serious health issues / death. So when you go check out Sue’s post, check out the link in my comment also and may you be richly blest and minstered to by her post. Here’s the link.

On Deep Trauma

Reiki Warning

Years ago I was involved in a car accident that caused major medical problems for me. I suffered whiplash among back and neck injuries. My insurance allowed chiropractic which helped immensely. I have no qualms about basic chiropractic adjustments if it helps impinged nerves. I was also allowed some massages as therapy to help my […]

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Good Links

I wanted to include this brief update to point all toward my brother Mike’s posts linked to below:




the first one actually ties in well with my recent post concerning Nathan Leal’s revelations