Short Post

I’m posting a short post today, just to put out info that was sent to me via email. I went to the first link and read the info. My conclusions: it’s fairly comprehensive but not complete. While it’s true the 3 independent city-states do control / rule the world, they all have different roles – and over them all is the city-state of Vatican.

There are many groups under the umbrella – too many to list but some examples are Illuminati, Freemasons, CFR, TC, RIAA, Tavistock, Pilgrim House, Chathem House, Rosicrucians, Ordo Temple Orientis, Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, Jesuits (especially the head Francis), are usually well below the radar but anyone who’s read “The Secret Plan of the Order” written 1840 & available free pdf online, by Abbe Leone,  was awakened to this – also if you can watch Chris Pinto’s “Tares Among the Wheat” detailing even more of their dirty underhanded and nefarious operations.

The link to the above post is City of London


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