Is God Going To ‘Bless’ A Government That Gives $500 Million A Year To Fund Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Holocaust? By: Michael Snyder

I’m reblogging this with my thoughts. I too agree that Mike has hit this one out of the park. The sheer compassionless taking of a human life because it cannot defend itself is reprehensible. To me this is no differnt than the pagan relgions offering their children to Molech, Chemosh, or Baal. YHWH executed judgment on ancient societies for this – which was taught to them by Azazel , Semjaza & the fallen Watchers. People should not vote for any representative who doesn’t stand against abortion and funding planned parenthood. Don’t forget that “foundations” who are suppoed to be charitable, such as Rockefeller’s, etc, all donate to PP.


Kara’s Commentary: 

As far as I am concerned, Michael Snyder hit this one out of the park!  

Yes, abortion is nothing short of a terrible American Holocaust.  As long as we continue to kill our innocent children and shed their precious blood, we will not receive blessings.  America will receive great judgment.

April 26, 2017

More video has just been released which proves that Planned Parenthood has been selling off aborted baby parts to the highest bidder.  The crimes against humanity that Planned Parenthood is committing are off the charts, and yet nobody ever goes to jail, and the federal government keeps on giving them about half a billion dollars a year.  If the federal government did not give Planned Parenthood giant mountains of money every year, there are real doubts about whether it would be able to survive or…

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