The Bridge to Freedom

Again, I am uplifted by the sharing of her heart. It causes one to long to be in such a close relationship with Yeshua

Mystic Mama Storm

Freedom is just around the corner I hear from Papa God. I see before me a great bridge that divides the light from the darkness. When I look behind me, I see the pain of my past and even my current pain. There also is the addiction that holds tightly to my name. The longing to be wanted and accepted in the confines of man. Yet, I know I am going where no man can stand on their own.

holding-hands-1772035_1920It is a place where hope is all that I know. It is a place where I can only stand when I have His hand to hold. It is the hand of Jesus, who leads me on. To the place where His glory is greater than any dawn. I look into Jesus’ eyes, and I see His complete Love. It is rising deep inside with the purpose of what He has…

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My Journey of Emotional Healing

This is so badly needed today

Mystic Mama Storm

Life growing up was not so easy in my house. I was an only child and had two parents that loved me, but my Mom had a daily struggle with chronic pain, mental illness, and depression which leads to a life of alcoholism and addiction to painkillers. Sometimes as often as 2-4 times in a year she was in an out of the hospital for either her depression or for her addiction desperately wanting to be free. Growing up, I became very defiant, afraid, angry, distant, depressed, and hopeless. Thanks to the prayers of my Aunt and Uncle, as a young teen I gave my heart to the Lord at a local Christian Teen Center during a Passion Play that I participated in. I was so hungry to be loved and accepted and found this in my relationship with Jesus Christ and being surrounded by people who loved me despite…

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Laying it to Rest

I pray He helps us come th the point of surrender

Ginny Brooks

Are we willing to lay it all down when Love walks in the room and Follow Him. Would we know it was Him if He did…

Laying down our opinions, comprehension, religions, thoughts, doctrines, teachings, eschatology, fruitless desires, prides, dignities, stature, race, classes, finances, careers, do goods, comforts, routines, political parties, additudes, social media, cell phones, our time:  because he says it is getting in between Him and Us. Because he is doing a heart check to see where we are with Him. Would we?!  Do we think we are too close to having it all configured, fortified, conjecturized, formulated, justified, puffed up with so much false ambition just to drive His Voice away as we stand in front of the ultimate man made alter we have built for ourselves.  Let’s Blow it up! 💣💣💣 His Word is sharper than any two-edged sword so let’s cut through the cobwebs, the…

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Creation is Groaning

A word we all need to hear, and put into practice – of course we’ll need the help of the Holy Spirit

Mystic Mama Storm

I had an encounter and dream overnight that had to do with this title. I was walking in the woods with Jesus and we were heading down a path towards what I thought was a sunset, but as I looked closer I realized it was a liquid fire that was exploding in the sky and I realized it was coming from the earth. When I ask for understanding I heard “All Creation is Groaning in eager expectation for the Children of God to be revealed.”
After this encounter, I dreamt all night that the earth was exploding with fire. This fire was hot and caused panic around me, yet I felt this peace that as a child of God, I would not be burned. Many were panicking and running and even pressing in around me and my family, yet I was not afraid and even at one point had to…

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Antarctica Base Dream . . . and Alien Covenant Confirmed!

None of this was news to me. I’ve learned a lot as the Holy Spirit led me over the last few years. The video wherein AJ discusses Alien Covenant sums it up. Those who have done even a modicum of research know that the “Powers That Be” / Illuminati / Global Elite or whatever label you want to throw on them -there’s so many groups under the Elite PTB’s umbrella that i cut shor the list, are Luciferian /Hegelian /Platonic combined with Freemason ancient mystery religion and they’ve outline their plans for us on the Georgia Guidestones

Michael Basham's Mother Ship

This morning I shared a dream I had last night:

A base being built in Antarctica in the harsh cold, so we could simulate a space station somewhere on another planet.  Alex Jones was there and people were sort of just having a good time, and drinking beer.  I had hastily grabbed a bunch of jackets to pack, not really sure if it was warm enough.  People from my family seemed to be there too as there was a mixup in my dream between my house in Florida and the base.

Outisde it was sunny while they were loading people into these large tubes to endure the harsh winter, but the sunshine was strong enough you could endure the outdoor temperature.   When we were locked in there however horrible thing started to happen.

At first it was pretty fun and felt like camping out with a…

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Ruminating on this Feast

We’re now probably at least midway through the week of Passover / Pesach, Feast of Unleavened Bread / Feast of First Fruits. In the paganised “Christendom” who still follow the Roman Catholic tradition of “Easter” and “Good Friday”, today is their Good Friday.

I see it diferently. From what I’ve come to learn, YAHUSHUWAH /YAHSHUA / YAHUSHA (covering the bases here as all are valid but each expresses a slightly different facet of Him who is our King of Kings),  would have been buried before sundown this past Wednesday, and thus had finished 2 nights (W, T) and as ther sun sets here, 2 days (T,F) and was about to enter His 3rd night. Tomorrow would be (@ sundown) the end of the third day, and thus He would have arisen after sundown tomorrow. You see when YHWH the Father, created along with His yachiyd Son, and His Spirit it says of day 1, “and there was evening and morning the first day”.  So until He said through His Word (John 1 – the Word was in the beginning, …}  causing His Spirit to go into action, with “Let light be” there was only endless night. Thus the first day began with evening / night.By the way, Genesis 1:1 reads “In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth”. You may wonder why Elohim was used. Well in my direct translation bibles from the Hebrew, in Exodus 3, He told Moshe when asked who Moshe was to tell the Israelites (and Pharaoh) who sent him / gave him authority, he was told “tell them the Elohe of your fathers, the Elohe of Avraham, the Elohe of Ya’aqov, and the Elohe of Yitschaq has sent you and this is My name by which I am to be remembered forever, YAHUAH …” and he also told Moshe “EHYAH ASHER EHYAH” i.e. I AM THAT I AM, (THAT I WILL BE). Now Elohe is the singular form of Elohim, thus in Exodus Father YAHUAH (only one of the trinity) was engaging Moshe in dialogue. In Genesis the reason Elohim is specified is because the Father, the Son (WORD 0f the Father), and the Holy Spirit, were all creating in unison – thus the 3 members of the heavenly family of YAH were present. El of course was translated / comprehended as “god” and thus another name for our heavenly Father, is “El Elyon”, the MOST HIGH GOD.

Back to the topic of this feast LOL. We’re told also in Genesis 1, that He appointed the sun, moon, stars, lights in the heavens, not only to give light at their specified time (sun = day, moon. stars = night), but as indicators of His special appointed times of revelation or interaction with MAN.  In Leviticus we’re told to keep the feasts of the LORD (KJV) , which are “the set feasts of YAHUAH” in my bibles.Thus THEY’RE NOT JUST THE FEASTS FOR / OF THE JEWS! They’re His appointed / set times of importance to Him in his dealings with the Adamic creation. As Sha’ul (Paul) wrote, “these things were written for our instruction…” and by OUR he meant believers appropriating by faith in YAHUSHA’s  redemptive work by His crucifixion and shedding of His blood (Revelation titles Him also, “the passover Lamb of YAHUAH slain before the foundation of the world”), the gift of salvation. Thus the observance of passover, is in a sense, like Remembrance Day that is celebrated every Nov. 11, for the fallen who sacrificed their blood in wars. It’s Remembrance Day of YAHUSHA’s sacrifice by the shedding of His blood.

Next, unleavened bread is eaten in remembrance of the first Passover, when the Israelites had to leave in haste, and there was not time to add yeast,, to make the bread rise. Now YAHSHUA / YAHUSHA said, “I am the Bread of Life”. What did yeast signify according to scripture? PRIDE because pride puffs up people just as yeast puffs up bread.

Seeing as He was without sin, He didn’t have the sin of PRIDE. He was thus “The Unleavened Bread of Life”.

Lastly, First Fruits was when the Israelites brought offerings of the first (spring) harvest, to sacrifice to YHWH in accordance with His word (scripture). Sha’ul said of YAHSHUA, “now He is become the first fruits of those risen from the dead”. By His resurrection He became the first to be raised from the dead by the Father’s might power (Eph.1) and now made it possible for the believers to be raised to eternal ife at that last day.

So you see that each feast (we’ve only discussed the spring feasts), although techically Shavuot (50 days after Passover thus also called Pentecost) could be included, is a very special significance in our heavenly Papa’s calendar. We remember it was on Shavuot as the disciples gathered in Jerusalem, that the HOLY SPIRIT was given as fulfillment of the promise made before His ascension to heaven.

NOTE: When the faith once delivered to the saints, got corrupted within a couple of centuries after the apostles’ deaths, the Roman emperor, / caesar, Constantine, mixed the Roman pagan religion with his cherry picked parts of the faith the apostles handed down, and came up with a synthesis / syncretic stew, wherein all the pagan feasts were substituted for YHWH’s feasts – only the names changed to confuse the undiscerning. Thus Eostre / Astarte / Ashterah worship was included (she was amongst other things a fertility goddess of spring) and presto! Eostre became Easter.Constantine can also be credited with being the first pope, as he called himself “Pontifex Maximus” which is a title all popes claim also. Thus ole Constantine founded the Roman Catholic religion too.

There’s much more that could be discussed but we’ll close it for now. I hope this stimulates the readers to further research / study on their own (as no churches teach this) that they may find out just how badly the once true / pristine faith was corrupted and how too may believers today , have no idea they may call themselves Protestants, but they by and large still follow Roman Catholic dogma. (Such as mentioned above, such as substitution of Sunday (the day pagans / Romans worshipped the Sun dubbing it Sol Invictus – the Unconquerable Sun) for Sabbath, such as celebrating the birth of Christ in His incarnation on December 25 – the day the pagans/ Romans celebrated the rebirth of Sol Invictus- and that of subbing Yule (pagan feast) as Christmas when in fact YAHSHUA was born close to Sukkot, the Feast of Tents / Tabernacles which usually falls late September / early October on the Roman Julian / Catholic Gregorian calendar in use by societies around the world today.