Some Clarifications

As I said, each has to follow his own path as he submits to YHWH to be led by His Spirit, and come to know how to live according to the revelation they come to know, that He reveals in their seeking to grow closer, into a more intimate (daily) relationship with Him, His Son, and His Spirit. I also refer to Paul writing to Colossae wherein he discussed how some follow what they perceive to be a path, honouring to the Father & Christ, others take a different position, but each is not to judge the other, but is to make sure that they are doing HIS will:-)

I wasn’t positing that we should be walking in fear or paranoia, my position is, that YHWH told Paul to write for his generation of believers and all future generations, “brethren I would not have you ignorant (ie unaware, lacking knowledge, “in the dark”)” and also in another place, that they (that generation) were not unaware of the enemy’s devices (tactics, strategies, structures, etc) and my main focus is to raise awareness, like I said in the blog post that Kara reblogged, “Arise O sleepers …” for “the night is far spent” so “put off the works of darkness, and put on the armour of light” that we who do so, may be effectively used by the Father and His Son, by His Spirit to overcome the enemy and to win souls that they too may be delivered from the kingdom of darkness and the prince of darkness, and too learn to overcome. We’re in a spiritual war as Paul said in Ephesians 6, the minute we repent, commit our lives to the Kingship of Jesus, we become part of the force opposing the prince of darkness and his kingdom, and he wars against us. He has his methods, tools, modus operandi, and the gamut ranges from lulling everyone into a state of complacency / sleep, to render them ineffective / useless vs him,  to using those still in his kingdom as vehicles with which to attack.

I want to point out that nowadays, when you look at society, you see at least 2 generations brainwashed by the elite thru their minions, to a point of view / agenda that doesn’t believe nor does it know how, to be able to have dialogue with someone of views not conforming to theirs,, doesnt tolerate any “dissenting opinion(s)”, and forcefullly comes against the “dissidents” to crush what they perceive as “wrong views / ideas”.

In our discussion even, of yesterday, all could freely talk and listen without condemnation, without getting upset, angry, or offended, without hurling insults to the other not totally in agreement with ourselves, etc. and instead exhibit respect for the others.

This should be the norm (pun intended LOL).



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