Expanded About Me

About Paul

I was one of the hippy generation. I became adolescent in the late turbulent sixties. I grew disillusioned with that which my mom and dad had tried to instil in me, and decided it was much more fun, and interesting to join most of my friends, and my generation, in the celebration of “free sex, drugs, booze, rock’n’roll, and generally rebellion against the standards of the day. It was several years later I returned like the prodigal son, to my Father in heaven, and knelt in submission to Yeshua His Son, repenting and seeking to begin my journey in Messiah.

Over the last 40 years, like the Israelites of old, I found myself in the wilderness at various times, for varying lengths of time. I would say when I wandered, it was due to not finding what I sought, in the churches, (I tried a number of denominations), along with the lack of power to impact the world like the first believers. I sought and got, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and subsequently was witnessing in jails, on the streets, in coffee houses, playing in Christian groups, (I play guitar), and so on. People in the church thought I was somewhat fanatical and didn’t really relate on the whole, to my (and my siblings’) zeal. Eventually I drifted after the breakup of a home based fellowship I was in, and for close to 20 years was prodigal.

It’s only been the last 10 years, especially the last 5, that I’ve begun in earnest to immerse myself in being tutored by the Holy Spirit, and by others who are following non-traditional paths, that I’ve been growing spiritually.

My preferred study bibles, are the Hebraic Roots Bible – A Literal Translation (from congregation of YHWH), and the Aleph Tav Cepher (from WND online). I like them for translating from the original Hebrew / Aramaic, and in the Cepher’s case, because it includes 87 books not 66. Yahar, Yovheliym, Enoch, all 4 Ezra books, etc., are included. (Yashar is Jasher, Yovheliym is Jubilees). These historical books add much to the comprehension as one STUDIES to show oneself approved.


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